New issues

Site seems more sluggish than before.

Library doesn’t sort when you click the check boxes

Also drop down menus do not work in the library or the teach view

Thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming!

Regarding the speed, we’ve rewritten the whole way that content is handled by our servers so initially it will be slower but as more lessons are viewed it should improve significantly. We will also be spending more time optimizing everything and making sure that the site runs as smoothly as possible.

Vocabulary cards doesn’t work

My lessons are worthless. Only one side of the page is coming up (the part with the content). The stats box is not appearing on the left side of the page. Also when I hover over a word nothing happens. I am also unable to make any lingqs. The drop down menu is erratic. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t. I’m sure this will all be sorted though and I would like to say that I’m very happy with the new features and layout. Outstanding work.

  1. Can not load Login - LingQ.

  2. I opened a recommended lesson which is a chapter of a book. “Open collection” link leads to collection including only that lesson itself.

I suppose this is a bug, because I can repeat this for each lesson!

Update. Oops, sorry. Looks like provider added EACH chapter of each book about Alex Leroc as a separated collection. Good joke, though.

By the way, if collections are substituted by playlists, why links at the bottom of a lesson are still “Open collections” and “Open next lesson in collection”?

And why imported collections became courses not playlists?

Update. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood.

On an iPod/iPhone I am unable to login, because I am unable to see the complete non-scrollable bar at the top. If I double-tap, I can see the complete bar, but it is too small to tap on a link.

It takes about 10 seconds and more to see every new page. The whole system is very sluggish.

In Friends, I see user Vanessa1 studying “À plus! 1 Lehrbuch, …”. I assume it is a private lesson, as this book is Copyright-protected in Germany. I can even use now this lesson myself.

The same on Vanessa1’s user profile, I can see “Cornelsen - A3 - G21 –Schülerbuch…”, etc.

The same with user chandlerhill. He is studying “Quick Imports, 04/09/2012 - Stromae - Alors On Danse Lyrics”. I assume (Quick Imports!) it is a private lesson, too.

The usage of private stuff by other users should be not possible. Others should not see this! Please correct this ASAP.

In regards to the following issues I am using Firefox 15 as well as IE9 (specifically 9.0.8112.16412). A couple of them look like they have already been mentioned but I have a bit more information so I’m including them anyway:

1 – In Firefox the lesson page is unusable. The lesson text shows up with highlighting but the right hand pane is missing. Clicking on a term doesn’t bring up the right hand pane so I can’t view the hint for any term or create new hints.

2 – In Internet Explorer 9, some pages on the website looks like crap. Things are overlapping each other, some buttons do not display properly and some things don’t display at all. A good example of this would be the profile page.

3 – In Firefox, the drop down menu for buttons (learn, friends, teach, tasks) do not seem to work if you are on the welcome page and the lessons page. They do work on the profile page.

4 – In IE9, when viewing the “Library” page, if I click “My Lessons” they will show up… for a few seconds. After that it reverts back to the default view. In Firefox 15, the “My Lessons” button does nothing.


I’ve ran into a few issues while using as a dictionary. Because of the nature of the issues, they may very well impact other 3rd party dictionaries:

5 – lingq seems to be passing question mark characters in place of the actual Japanese characters to this site. So if the word is 3 characters long, “???” will be used as the search term. This doesn’t seem to happen with Google or the Babylon dictionary.

6 – When I copy a definition from the site, I typically copy the reading as well as the English definition. When I do that, only the reading is pasted into the hint field. I can then copy/paste the English definition into the field. When I go back to the term, I notice that I now have two hints instead of one. The first hint is just the reading and the second hint is the reading as well as the English definition. I haven’t looked at the code but I’m guessing the reading and English definition on are in separate cells within a table and that is stripping everything after the html code between the reading and definition and that saved my hint after each paste? Also, there seems to be no way to delete the extra hints so I seem to be creating a bunch of junk hints.

I don’t know why but I can’t listen to lessons( I see only one part with lesson’s text). I can’t create the links, work with my old links. and flash-cards… Northing works

When I click on “Search dictionary”, the window opens with the Dictionary tab, but if I edit a Google suggestion, the window opens on the Example tab, which is not very useful, at least for me. Could the Dictionary tab be set as default when the LingQ window opens?

I’ve hit on a problem where the dictionary lookup and the user hints get out of step with the lingq, so they show information for the previous lingq and not the one you’re on.

If it’s still happening when I’ve worked out how to use the new interface I’ll describe it better :slight_smile:

Audio doesn’t seem to be working on the edit lingq popup.

Every time I click on the lingQ logo on the top left of each page to get to my home page I get a 500 server error. Does my home page no longer exist in LingQ 2.0? Where am I supposed to get the overview of my performace stats?

Unable to see my lessons. When I select the ‘my lessons’ button the page appears for a few seconds and then refreshes to the ‘new lessons’ page. I’m unable to listen to the audio of the lessons I do manage to get open, and the flash cards, multiple choice functions etc are not working.

Using Chrome on Windows 7 (I’ve reloaded the browser, but I have not rebooted my system):

The “Choose Another Language” drop-down menu does not drop down (i.e., work) from most pages I’ve visited so far. . . . Actually, many of the drop-down menus do not work all the time, if at all.

The library does not (yet?) sort.

When accessing a lesson, the interface for playing the sound does not appear, so there is no way to hear the lesson’s audio from that screen. If the entire collection is viewed, audio can be heard by clicking on the little “play” triangle on the left of each line, however.

So far, I have not got the “flashcard” interface to work when accessing a lesson–popups do not appear.

When accessing "Choose new lesson in library’ from the bottom of this lesson Login - LingQ I get a “500 Server Error” message.

The “Library” page (Russian, at this point) has multiple issues:

  • choosing “Open” next to a lesson in Column view merely refreshes the screen–the lesson is not opened
  • no actions from the left-hand column work
  • View: Column / List does not work
  • “Import Lesson” has no effect; not even the progress indicator is affected

[updated to keep this a running list]

  1. I can’t find a way to make bookmarks to paragraphs or to specific positions in the lessons. I used it quite frequently before the update because I prefer to import longer texts.
  2. On the lesson page, the lesson text area (the left pane) is too narrow. I use a wide screen, so there are lots of unused space, but there is more need to scroll the page.
  3. I couldn’t figure out how NOT to show archived lessons on My Lessons page. I archived lessons to hide them (without deleting, maybe I could sometimes return to them), and now I see all the old stuff in the same list with the lessons due to studying.
  4. Can all these buttons for sharing (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email etc.) be hidden? I’m not a user of any of the social networks, and all that stuff seems to be just cluttering the workspace.
  5. I couldn’t find a way to filter messages in my profile. I don’t need lessons I’m learning and sharing to be posted on my profile page. But where are the other members’ messages they’ve written on my wall? And why have the messages I’ve written on other people’s walls been made public in my profile? It is even impossible to figure out to whom I posted them!
  6. No buttons for LingQ saving in the LingQ-editing widget (the right pane of the lesson page). If the internet connection is unreliable (and mine often is), changes made to a LingQ are easily lost when I switch between LingQs. In the previous version I at least got an error message. And of course, I’m not happy about traffic usage increasing with every improvement.

I liked the old LingQ better. I’m considering switching to the free plan. I’ve been studying quite actively so far and have come to spending more than $200/month on LingQ in the last month (mainly for conversations), but I don’t think I should continue doing so.

I am not able to delete notifications at timeline - the button “x” just doesn’t work.

Every time I load main lingQ page, I have a notification in timeline that I have earned a new artifact for him.

Friends general page (“feed?”) is not loadable, although friends subpages are.

Deleting a language on the account page results in an “Internal Error” Popup Message.

Sometimes the French library displays Chinese lessons that I had uploaded some time ago.