New iLingQ 2.0

We just launched a significant update to iLingQ for iPhones and other iOS devices. Check out the announcement here: Announcing iLingQ 2.0 for iPhone.

Looks excellent. Is it possible to read horizontally now?

Not at this time, no. However, this is something we can look into.

I need to test it more But I’m having alot of problems with this new version unfortunately.

Hate to be the negative one!

I’m on Iphone 4 with the the new OS update.

  • Crashes ALOT ( something the old app never did on my phone)
  • its EXTREMELY slow to list the lesson list. At least 20x slower than before. IT took about 3+ minutes before it started loading the lesson list.
  • Lesson list keeps disapearing and trying to reload and have to wait 3 mins until it shows up again
  • I get alot of Null objects , says theres no audio , no words show up.

I got frustrated with the app soo I stopped using it. I’ll have to try it again , It might have been some other problem contributing to this so I will try again when my phone is cleaned up, fully recharged and whatnot…

I was REALLY REALLY hoping the option be able to play audio from the lessons while reviewing the daily lingqs or while reviewing cards from a paticular lesson would be added on this upgrade =(. Thats the one option i was waiting for the most… Guess ill have to wait longer =).

Dont get me wrong though, I appreciate all the updates and all the work you guys put into lingq. ALLL very much appreciated! =)


Take no notice of me but, I don’t know how any of you can manage doing anything internet related on a phone at all, especially something like LingQ. It must be a massive restriction (thinking about all the things that I’m doing with LingQ). :slight_smile:

Imyirtseshem, Well the lingq app is only meant for reviewing on the go. You dont actually do any Lingqing , taging or looking up in the dictionary ect… and other things like that. Just a way to access your flashcards and lesson text and audios anywhere you are…

Ah, I see. Well, I can understand it for flashcards (which I don’t use). Audio makes sense. But, I’d just use my mp3 player for that. (I don’t even have a mobile phone hehe). But text…that baffles me. Those screens are tiny (mine is 21 inch and every bit gets put to use :slight_smile: )

Just the ramblings of a mobile phone hater…

Well honestly, the text in iLingq is as big as the text you read on these forums more or less… Its great if you want to listen to your audio and follow the text at the same time. If you dont know a word you can just click it ( like here on lingq). Makes for a great way to pass time when youre travelling and easier than bringin a laptop or book…

You can hate cell phones all you want ( i respect that. My sister is the same way) but having access to material anytime anywhere without having to lug around a laptop or computer , BIG book ect… is priceless. If you would give it a try, I’m sure you could see the advantage of having access to this application regardless of reviewing flashcards or not ( which is something i dont really do either)…

From your activity on the forums and base on what you mentioned , sounds like you dont get out of the house much and you have unlimited amount of time to study languages at the moment. If thats that case you obviously have no reason for a cellphone or small device to do a bit of “studying” on the go. If I were at home all the time I wouldn’t need a cellphone either =) I’d just use my computer for everything.

Yeah, it’s always good to fill in travelling time with language study. When I do have to go someone (usually something language related haha) I usually take a book to read. I suppose that for me, buying a phone to use once every week would be a poor investment. And you’re correct, I don’t get out of the house much - something which suits me quite well. It’s not that I’m anti-social, it’s that my interests aren’t mainstream and I’m very passionate about them. Not needing to work, is another factor. My language study allotment is only limited by the number of waking hours each day. :slight_smile:

Fair enough!

I’m not against books or anything But you cant deny having access to you lingqs that you previously created ( in an easy , organized way) All through a device that weighs much less than a typical book, a device that fits in your pocket ect… Is well awesome!! All that time spending lingqing , is meant to be put to good use! what better than to use that information than on the go. Something books dont give you.( Or at least it used to be convenient before all the crashing and slowness)

anyways, you might want to invest in a Ipod Touch if you dont need the phone side of things. Many tools you can use for language learning on an Itouch. Well worth the investment. Portable dictionary , access to internet , language tools ect… Dont tell me you bring a pocket dictionary and grammar books when you go out with that book of yours =)…

@keroro - I haven’t noticed it crashing very much. How many active lessons do you have in Korean/French? The more active lessons you have, the longer it will take to load the list of lessons. It is actually populating the list of lessons in the background, so when the lessons appear that means the list has been completely loaded.

Are you coming across texts that consistently show “(null)”? Can you email the URLs to LingQ Support so we can take a closer look at why this might be happening? Are you getting the “Lesson has no audio” notice for lessons that do have audio?

Also, when you say the lesson list is disappearing, when exactly is this happening?

The more details you can give on all of this, the quicker should be able to address the issues.

@ Alex,

As soon as i opened the app for the first time It crashed. Opened it again and crashed a few more time after trying to load daily lingqs and lessons. But seems like the crashing has stopped for the most part. Its opening properly now. But I’m experiencing alot of “hiccups” where it seems the app is about the crash and freezes for like 10 seconds but then it eventually reponds again.

The lesson list doesnt disapear but it tries to reload unexpectedly ( no i dont scroll all the way up and drag the list down to reload it manually… its doing this automatically randomly once in a while). While its doing that , ALLLLLLL the previous lessons that were loaded all go into a “null” state. It takes about 5 minutes for the list to refresh again OR the app will just crash…

Thing is, I have the same amount of lessons I had before the update. THe old app would load the lesson list pretty much instantly… Since this new update the lesson list is empty and it takes over 3 minutes to load!!!
I dont mind waiting for things to load but I’m disapointed that the loading time is MUCH MUCH slower than what it was before…

Would it not be possible to make lessons appear in the list as they are loaded ( most recently studied to oldest) instead of waiting for the whole lesson list to load ?? Or better yet, id love it if the lesson list would load as fast as it used on the old app… WOuld love to hear from other users too if they are having this problem or not. Maybe im the only one… =).

hahah Keroro. No, I don’t drag around a dictionary. I just keep reading without looking up words. :slight_smile: Although, I once took my Kalderash Romani dictionary on a bustrip, just for some light reading, you know.

p.s. I don’t have any pocket dictionaries - they’ll are big ones.

I have got iphone4…yes …same issue…crashing…

Strange. I have the iphone 4 and I never get any crashing. What functions exactly seem to cause it to crash.

As I mentioned above

  • randomly crashes after starting up the app. Not everytime but every once in a while ( something i didnt have a problem with with the old app)
  • after clicking the daily lingq tab it either freezes for 10 seconds and is once again usable OR just completely crashes.
  • while its loading /reloading lesson list.

everything seems to be random sometimes it works well sometimes not soo much.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this new app update so far unfortunately =(.

I’m wishing i didnt update because of the crashing and the crazy slow loading times Both of which I had NO problems before.

Are these problems happening in offline mode? We have identified a problem with offline mode. We still can’t reproduce any problems when online. What device are you on?

Everything I, ve described above happens in online mode as far as I can tell.
I’m on IPhone 4 with newest iOs… The more I use it the less it’s been crashing but still crashes randomly on lesson listing and daily lingqs

I have been having a different problem in regards to my lessons loading on the iphone (3GS). Languages that have fewer lessons in them - in my case Latin - load up on the main page ‘Latin Lessons’ tab (slowly), but languages in which I have a lot of lessons - German - do not load at all. Eventually it says “Server Error - The request timed out”. I don’t know if it’s the phone or the connection or something else.

@Jeremiah49 - How many active lessons do you have in the language(s) that cause this error?