New Hebrew courses for different levels uploaded!

Dear Hebrew-learners!

New Hebrew courses for different levels uploaded!
Check it out - for beginners -

And these below - for intermediate/advanced - thanks to the wonderful LingQ team who has fixed the severe YouTube import bug!

However, there is still more to be done, some sources are all ready to be uploaded but it just takes time, some sources need additional effort (such as ripping the audio from an otherwise free site somehow - I mean the wonderful atar haagada!), some need to have audio added, etc… So much to do, so little time…
And then I thought - we can do it together!

LEND ME A HAND in uploading all the wonderful materials I’ve collected, learn yourself, help others, and help to make our LingQ better!

Look at this list Learn Hebrew at LingQ - old full version - Google Sheets
a) please, pick a source that’s not uploaded yet,
b) upload it and
c) add the LingQ course link to the table!
Thank you for helping other Hebrew-learners, and thank you for helping to bring Hebrew on LingQ to the next level!
Alisa Zingerman


These are amazing! I already–after your posting–did one of the “Hebrew Street” Lessons.

These will keep me busy until my trip to Israel in June…:slight_smile:



I just added two more. It’s my first time making a video public so let me know if they work. These are “cute” and short:

They are part of a whole series, but these are the only ones I’ve studied and made sure that they worked. Please feel free to add the whole course to the google doc.



Wow, these are great! I’ve added them to the list (you can do it, too :slight_smile: the document is shared :slight_smile: ), but I can’t find the whole course - seems like it’s new and still “in making”, I think they will be adding more! let’s keep an eye on them and add it as course then. :wink:

These are great, thank you Alisa!

One thing I noticed, however, is that the early lessons have web addresses in the body of the lesson, which gets all messed up in the formatting (we have to ‘X’ out a lot of gibberish to ignore them), and the words with niqqud don’t get saved correctly on LingQ so they’re a little superfluous. Would it be possible to delete everything up until the LISTEN segment?

Otherwise great work, they’re really useful!

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Wow Alisa. Great work. I will certainly get back to my Hebrew one day and you have made me much keener to do so. Thank you!!


Most welcome! :slight_smile: Thank you for your remarks, gregf, I appreciate - and I definitely want to fix it!
I need your help, though -

  1. “Early lessons” - the first three lessons?

  2. About the links - I thought about it a lot, I know it’s a nuisance, but I wanted to help those, who don’t know the alphabet yet, that was the idea… I also have pasted them in the resources section, but one can’t copy from there, that’s the problem! Do you have any suggestion how to incorporate these first steps into the system smoothly?

  3. About the “nikud” - lessons from 4 onward are all vocalized! How bad is that? Does it mean that I have to get rid of the nikud in all the lessons? It’ll take some time, but it is possible - in case it makes the course unusable it must be done! But I absolutely agree that it’s superfluous, I just had the texts vocalized already and copy-pasted them here… Let me know how bad that is, ok? On scale from 1 to 10 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - when ten is - “vocalized text are a catastrophe and can’t be used at all, get rid of them urgently!”

Thank you for your help!

Thank you!!! I am happy I could help! And thank you for creating this ingenious learning environment - It took me a while to appreciate, but I am officially hooked now (thanks to Konstantin :wink: ) I’ll keep uploading and see you in Fukuoka! :slight_smile:

Hi Alisa,

  1. Yes, I was referring to the first three lessons of your first class. They work great, except for the html links.

  2. As for the links in the text, I see them in the “Resources” tab, so there’s no need to include them in the body of the lesson itself (html links get all broken by the system when they’re displaed from right to left).

  3. As far as I can tell, nikud doesn’t work at all on LingQ. When you create lingqs from vowel-marked words, the system “forgets” your entry and doesn’t save them. I’m not sure what the problem is technically, I just know that any texts with nikud are functionally broken on LingQ. You can check it out yourself by opening the lesson 4 and trying to save words.

I’m not sure what to do with your nikud lessons: either we wait for the admins to fix the problem, or we remove the vowel markings. I prefer not having nikud myself (for the same reasons that Steve doesn’t like vowel markings: might as well learn to read adult-level texts from the beginnings, with no helpers beyond TTS).

Alisa, thank you so much!

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Thanks, Dan!

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Hi Alisa,

I would be most interested in the possibility of an actual book in modern Hebrew, like a work of fiction: an ebook with corresponding audio to import into LingQ. Do you have any ideas about this?

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Great job. I want to do something similar for Japanese learners too. The more content, the better!


Thank you! I won’t wait, then, - I’ll just remove the nikud asap (and let you know when ready!) Thank you so much for the heads-up!

About the resources section - I’m on Android and I can’t copy anything from the resources section… Maybe you can on your device?

You read my mind. :slight_smile: I have an e-version of a book with audio that I’m selling on Amazon, I’m just about uploading it to the e-books section! (Not for free, but that’s the best I can do - and of course I’ll make it most affordable for LingQ users! Hope this section really works…) So - working on it, I’ll let you know when ready! :wink:

הנה חדש! Here is a new one!
Login - LingQ
Thank you all, for showing interest! Here, I’ve added another one - excellent if you are curious about Israeli private VS social standards and pains.

Alisa, you are really enticing me back to Hebrew. I look forward to using these materials next year including buying your book if it is offered for sale across LingQ.


Alisa, thank you for adding such good content for us. I look forward to buying your book when it’s ready.

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Thanks Alisa. Is there a link to your book on Amazon? I will definitely look at your book, but I was also thinking of an audiobook from an Israeli fiction writer, maybe someone considered a great writer. There are actually some Hebrew audiobooks on, but I don’t know which ones are “good” (subjective of course) and how to find the corresponding ebook.

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Done! All HCC lessons are free from Nikud now! Enjoy :slight_smile: