New Forum UI, Manual Lesson Mode, Keyboard Shortcuts, 90-Day Challenge!

As a moderator, you no longer need to delete posts. Just click the Reject link for one post and we will take care of that user’s posts. None of the posts for that user will show if one is rejected.

@Vera - I don’t mind the info although it does take a bit of getting used to. We do need to replace the spellchecker and we will look at the Enter issue and creating new lines. For now, if you hit shift+enter, it creates a line break.

Yes, it will take your most active language or “best” apple.

Doesn’t work for me since the update. I’ll send an email to support address with the details.

Thanks for trying to improve the forum pages. However, I am not sure where to write this. I could not reply to a post so I have put it here. I agree with Vera’s comment about the enter button. Now all my sentences run together. The enter button should take one to the next line. And now the most recent post is at the bottom of the list. How long does a topic continue to be discussed before a string of posts becomes unwieldy? Is it necessary to have my stats on this page? Anyone who wants to know how few words I know in French or Russian can easily find out by clicking on my name. And what happened to Norwegian? I find these stats add a bit of confusion to the page anyway.

This pressing shift+enter thing has actually become quite normal in the last few years. It takes some time to get used to though and maybe isn’t good for a forum. I think it is mostly used for chat programs where most things people type are only one or two sentences. I am fine with it either way.

The LingQ - forum looks scattered is is VERY user unfriendly now! I don’t have the overview anymore of the different topics of a subforum and the structure of the threads. :frowning:

Press shift+enter to make an new line. As I said above, this is quite normal behavior for chat programs and is used in forums too sometimes.

Anyway, I am interested to know what will happen when side discussions become so long that the posts are indented all the way to the right. Maybe we should have a little experiement.

Seriously though, now that the stats are shown above the post, you should stop posting here. Your German stats put mine to shame!

It is now impossible to follow the line of posts because there are too many.

To find the new posts is much too hard. What about threads with 10 pages? How will one find the new posts well hidden on the third or fourth page because the post was a comment to a post. To be honest I dislike the way how the forum is working now. I liked the linear form much more.

Another issue: I was not able to make the input box bigger. This makes it difficult to write longer texts.

Now forum using is very uncomfortable. Threads with pages much more convenient.

Vera is right on all counts. I think large discussions will be impossible to follow.

One can make the box bigger when editing a comment, but not when writing the original comment.

It looks great, but in this state it isn’t navigable at all :frowning:
Good job on the other changes though!

and not just your Chinese :wink:

Good approach!

There are too much useless info on the forum now. If someone like to control the activity from another member he should go to the profile. j:-(

Vera is right on all counts

I’m totally lost where to put my comments. j:-(

I also should stop reading and writing in the is only confusing!

it is realy a pain! :frowning: This was a coment to Veras post!

It is more worse than I thought. You have to scroll down all the way to the end of the thread. My long finger feels pain when he is thinking about how often I have to scroll now. I dislike this on the exchange, but here it is much more inconvenient.

Wenn es schlimm ist, LingQ kann es immer noch schlimmer! Wenn man ausgeloggt ist, sieht man nur den 1. Beitrag, dann ist Ende. Und wenn man eingeloggt ist, scrollt man sich den Finger wund. Ich bin erst einmal weg … echt schlimm. Schade, schade, anscheinend lieben die Programmierer so etwas, aber nicht die wirklichen Benutzer!