New Forum UI, Manual Lesson Mode, Keyboard Shortcuts, 90-Day Challenge!

We pushed some significant changes to the site today. We hope you like them!

New Look Forum

It has been a long time since we upgraded the Forum so we spent some time updating the look and feel. We also added the ability to respond to individual comments within a thread. This makes it possible for some users to go off on a tangent without affecting the whole thread! Not that this happens of course…! We have also added an ability to add forum moderators to help us watch the forum and prevent forum spam.

Manual Lesson Mode

We receive many requests for special tweaks to the functionality on the Lesson page depending on how people like to work on their lessons. Therefore, we have replaced Auto-Scroll Off mode with QuickLingQ Mode Off. When you turn off QuickLingQ mode, this will do the following:

Auto-scroll will be off
When you create a LingQ the term will remain selected and you will see the yellow pane for that word in the dashboard or yellow popup in minimized view.
Using the left and right arrow keys will move you from one highlighted word to the next highlighted word regardless of whether these words are blue or yellow.

You will find this control in the gear dropdown on the lesson page.

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added additional keyboard shortcuts to allow you to adjust a LingQ’s status. You can type 1-4, k or x for any yellow LingQs to change status, make words known (status 4 with tickmark) or ignore words.

90-Day Challenge back by popular demand

So many of you enjoyed the Challenge and continue to request a new challenge that we have decided to make it a permanent fixture of the site. You can now sign up for the Challenge at any time and then try to meet your targets for the following 90 days. We have even made it a little easier by removing the requirement to write and speak, although we still think you should! However, you can now earn your reward by just meeting your Known Words, LingQs, LingQs Learned, Listening and Reading targets.

Sign up for the Challenge here or click on the banner on the Learn page above your Progress Snapshot.

As always, let us know if you find any issues and tell us how you like our updates!


Fantastic! I think “You can type 1-4” will be my favourite little feature.

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What is the apple next to the name?

An Apple Mac? :slight_smile:

The new Forum look is pretty neat! You can either reply to individual comments or on the thread. Somewhat like youtube has. I like it. I haven’t tried the other features yet, but I’ll check’em out.

It’s supposed to be your activity apple which represents how active you are on the site. It looks like it is not quite working properly, however, since it should match the apple showing on your avatar picture.

In fact, it looks like the apple being displayed is one level too high or one level higher than your activity apple on your profile.

I’m glad that the 90 day challenge is here. When I return to the United States on Saturday, I’ll probably start it for Portuguese (hopefully I can finish up the duolingo tree during my long journey back). Also, a small bug, but my languages and word counts are showing up on your name.

It’s a big thumbs up from me. I’m very excited to see you guys address some things we’ve been harping on you about. Thank you!

Now there are seven levels of rows(?). The first row begins on the left and the last row begins in the middle of the window.

@CapslockEngaged - Thanks, we have the word count issue on our list. Hope to have it fixed soon.

About the Forum:

Personally I find the information about the poster above the post a bit distracting. It disturbs my reading flow. That is my first impression. I would prefer to have it in a column on the left under the picture.

Pressing Enter should make a new row and not post immediately the post. That happened to me just yet with this post.

I miss the spell checker.

This is my very first impression.

As a moderator I have permission to delete single post but not threads like before. Also I can delete answers but not the initially post (the first post).

Hey! Since our stats are on display… I will just have to get my Chinese stats up to date now! :)~~
More serious: the keyboard shortcuts look great, thanks! Talk about coincidences, I started my self-Chinese Challenge earlier today. How funny! So I just went & signed up here

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Don’t we have a different apple for each language?

I think the stats display are a subtle way to motivate people, which isn’t a bad thing. Also probably good for a subtle brag as well. For me, well, I don’t use lingq like that so I will forever be a newbie…

The only reason I have any stats at all is because, one day, I was bored, and wanted to bust my little guy out of his egg…true story.


I like the statistics being shown - this should be a reminder to keep studying and stop reading the forums :wink:


Oh yes, I agree with you about pressing Enter!!

Is the ability to edit our own original posts (first post in a thread) broken, or momentarily just gone, or permanently gone, or just me ?

You should be able to edit your threads or comments. Just click the Edit link under your post.