New Blue Popup, Integrated Google Translate

We have just pushed a new and improved blue popup to the lesson page. Make sure to refresh your browser to clear your cache, then when you hover on a blue word you will see the following changes:

  • The Known button is now in the top right corner
  • A new “Ignore” button to the left of the Known button which means this word will not be included in your statistics at all
  • The User Hints buttons are now more clearly identified as buttons with a plus symbol on them to make it more obvious that they should be clicked.
  • Google Translate has been integrated into a button so that if there are not at least 3 User Hints, the Google Translate translation can be chosen
  • The “Add New Hint/Check Dictionary” button is at the bottom of the list of User Hints and has the Search Dictionary icon on it

We hope you like these changes. We think the popup is clearer now and the additional functionality makes it even more powerful than it was before. Let us know what you think!

I like the fact that the Google translate version shows up automatically.

The ignore button…That’s the button with the minus sign, I suppose? Is it supposed to say “ignore” somewhere? Mine doesn’t.

Brillant! Thanks…!

I have been waiting for this!!! Thank you so much!

Nice! As I have said so many times. LingQ never stops from getting better and better. Thanks guys …

@Jingle - yes, the ignore button is the minus sign. Adding the word “ignore” on the button would cause potential issues, since the text would need to be translated.

So for words previously marked as ‘unknown’ but should be ‘ignored’, I can just ‘re-unkown’ them and mark them as ‘ignored’ from now on, right?

Hehe, yes. If you would like to ignore a word that you have already marked as known, either double-click it or highlight it, then click on the Ignore button and it will move to the “Ignore” list in the database. Please note that it can take a few minutes for the known word count to update.

Please let us know if you locate any bugs.

It works very well !
Thanks for that. It seems very convenient!

Thank you. I like it, especially the ‘Ignore’ button!

(I noticed that it initially takes a little longer for the pop-ups to appear - but that could be due to the slowness of my computer.)

It’s not working for me when I try to make a LingQ that contains multiple words.

If I select the Google Translate hint, it comes up with: ‘Internal Error’.

It does work when I create my own LingQ.

I’m using Firefox.

@peter - Yes, that’s a bug. The Google Translate hint isn’t working for phrases. We’re working on it.

The Google Translation issue with phrases is now resolved. One other note, we have also now made it so that you can either hover or click on a blue or yellow popup to open or close it. Just a little more flexibility especially if the popups are acting up which sometimes happens.

Thanks for all the improvements! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

I just want to say that I really love the new pop up. Is it possible to put the ignore button and the google translate phrase on the QuickLingq view?

Thanks Angela, we will eventually get there.

I wonder if it would be possible to have access to the list of the words we know, so it would be easier to have some words ignored from our word count rather than going slowly though lessons.
I know this sounds like something that would come out from a guy with OCD, but many people have asked for a “reset word count” and quite a few have been as fas as deleting their account just to remake another one where the word count would be more accurate, so I guess it wouldn’t be a crazy idea.

Also, can words be “un-ignored”?

@sigma - We’ve had requests for this before, but in many cases the list will be so long that it will be impractical to organize it and will likely be very resource-heavy when generating the list of words. Most people who delete their accounts and create a new one are people with only a few hundred known words who unintentionally clicked the LingQ’d button.

If a word is marked as “ignored”, all you have to do is highlight it or double click it, then you can either create a LingQ out of it or mark it as Known.

Somehow, I still see my ‘ignored’ words in blue after I refresh my page.