Netflix import formatting issue


I imported a movie into Netflix but it seems like each line on the screen is a separate paragraph, which means I basically can’t LingQ / look up any phrases across lines.

Is this expected / is there any workaround? I wanted to see if I could go through and manually fix the transcript, but as you can see in the image below, each line is a separate paragraph:

I suppose I could manually combine paragraphs in this interface but it would be incredibly time-consuming.

If there was a way I could copy / edit the entire transcript at once, I was playing with using ChatGPT to reformat it automatically which seems to work:


Do you have the same problem with anything you import from Netflix?

This is a result of how lingq is scraping the subtitles from the video, I think. The subtitles aren’t divided up by sentence, just by phrasing and timing.

I’ve got kind of a roundabout way of fixing it, but it’s way more efficient than using the lingq-based editor: Edit the lesson, then open up the translations window. Then you can copy all the text from there and paste it into Word or whatever. Reformat it the way you want, then create a new lesson using the reformatted text. You’ll need to reattach the audio track, of course, but overall it’s pretty quick.

It’d be nice if we could do this kind of bulk editing in-lesson, since going sentence-by-sentence is super slow. Especially when the Lingq servers are busy and each edit takes like 5 seconds to save. Zoran, I’m thinking along the lines of how you can add an entire translation to a lesson by pasting the whole blob of text into the dialog box. That should be possible, right?

Ah, thanks the Translations button is helpful / I was trying to get the full text. I’ll start with this to see if I can reformat the text.

I tried another a video and seemed better (a couple lines were split, but most were OK). I think it may depend on how the captions are done for a given video. I’m going to see if I can clean up the transcription for the first movie (the Brazilian movie “Jonas”).

Yeah, exactly. It mostly depends on the captions format.