Netflix Import doesnt work + Workaround

LingQ only imports the first half of the Netflix Show i am watching. I tried it multiple times, but it always cuts off at the same part.

I am using Chrome Version 126.0.6478.127 (Mac) and LingQ Extension Version 2.3.13
Series: My Name (Episode 1) Import cuts off at 35:20
Episode 2 works fully though

I have read that many other users have had similar problems in the past. Back then the Support Team said they would look into it…
FYI: This error is still not fixed…

You can manually extract Netflix subtitles as XML

Afterwards transform the downloaded XML to TXT and import it into LingQ

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It’s been working for me recently, but months ago I had the exact same problem.
In any event, thanks for posting the workaround. Good to have alternatives when things don’t work.


Thanks, I’ll ask our team to look into this again.

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