Need tech support: Can't change Lingqs' levels anymore

Hi team, I can no longer change the level of my Lingqs. The function suddenly stopped working while I was reading. For instance, if a word is currently ranked as level 3 (familiar) and I click on 4 (learned), the level jumps automatically back to level 3. I have already relaunched the webpage, the browser, my computer, etc. multiple times, but to no avail. If you could help me resolve this issue, that would be great.

Seems to be an ongoing outage:

I’m having the same problem.

Same here. Not working since this morning. Any lingq remains at same level.
Seems to be a ‘web only’ issue, I tried the same words on the phone app and they progressed to the next level properly. And the result got updated on the web site.

Sorry about that, everyone. We are looking into the issue.

wroking now. probably alongside the other issue preventing to modify linqg menaings

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