Need for more Korean content?

Hi everyone,

How many of you on LingQ are learning Korean?

I was taking a quick look through available content, and looking for ways I could contribute.

I also noticed there is no forum section in Korean, whereas there exists one for the other languages on LingQ.

What kind of Korean content would you like to see on LingQ?

More beginner content? Dialogues? TV show scripts? K-pop songs? Political commentary, history, etc.?

Those of you who are learning Korean, please let me know.

Happy LingQing :slight_smile:


I’ll start learning Korean in September. I’m not sure what the library lacks here, but it’s been short on intermediate content in other languages. Also, I don’t know if it’s allowed to post them in the library, but Korean TV show scripts (in Korean) will be much appreciated. I normally read TV show scripts instead of books because I find them more interesting.

Hi Wulfgar.

Noted on the TV show scripts. Do you actually watch Korean variety shows with/without subtitles?

Do you have some specific Korean shows that you like watching?

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hey pal… I miss more begginer 1 content. More like daily basic conversations, massive amounts of daily basic phrases to repeat. ahehaehe That’s what I miss the most, perhaps something with the top 100 most common phrases in diferent contexts… My opinion.

Hey georgos,

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

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Hello LinguaFranca. Thank you for the offer! Personally, I would like content, such as 도덕경, excerpts from 무소유, 산방한담, by 법정스님, and interviews like those of Naver tvcast 네이버 TV but if that’s a tall order, any content you provide would be much appreciated!

I haven’t started studying Korean yet; I’ll start in September. In my other languages I prefer dramas, so it will probably be the same in Korean.

While I am not studying Korean, I want to thank you for the offer to load content as that is what makes Lingq so great. In the studying that I do a wide variety of content is nice to have. Upload some stories or information you find interesting. I enjoy Serge’s daily news stories in French. It is helpful for language learners to be exposed to stories that they may have heard in their own language. Other content which I find quite helpful are the conversational series and travel stories. Thanks for helping make Lingq a great community.

I’m on a continued quest for Korean audiobooks. From what I can tell, they either don’t really produce them over there, or at least they are a very small segment of the market and hard to find. So, when I say I’m on a quest, I really mean I keep hoping that either Amazon / Audible make inroads into Korea – I think they have Audible Japan now – or a local company emerges that sees market potential in publishing audiobooks.

Have you heard or seen anything new in this particular segment? There is a company called Audien, but I haven’t been able to figure out their website yet. The other thing people suggest is the audio version of the Bible, which is easily available, but I’m more interested in modern stories.

Let us know if you have any suggestions on this. Thanks!

Hi t_harangi,

Yes, you’re right. I think there isn’t much of a market for audiobooks here in Korea…not to mention for books in general hah.
Are you looking for audiobooks of Korean novels? What sort of material would be ideal for you?

Hi kpnagle,

Thank you for your kind words. I think maybe some basic life stories or casual conversations around mundane topics could work to start :slight_smile:

The novels I like to read are mysteries and adventures. I find those to be the best for language learning – for me anyway. I’m currently on a quest to read different novels of the Jack Reacher series in different languages and currently working my way through one of those ‘The Affair,’ in Korean, doing comparative reading side by side with the English version.

What I would like to see is more intermediate, and advanced intermediate material but not as light and playful as the Talk to me in Korean series. This can be monologues on things, people’s views on life in Korea or elsewhere, dialogues between people etc. I have paid to have some Korean podcasts transcribed but these are still a little difficult. I will be getting back to Korean in a week or so. Hannah who is here taking part in our LingQ Academy Live has promised to record her blog. It is all good!! Thanks for the offer.

Yes, let’s be interesting to see

Yes to all of the above - beginner content, dialogues, tv show scripts, kpop songs, history… It would be great to have dialogues in various politeness forms as well. I find it difficult to understand tv shows when the people are speaking panmal. Anything new would be much appreciated.
Thank you so much!!!

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I am learning Korean. I think there is a lack of material in the upper beginner range.

There is the really simple content with simple sentence structure, and then a jump to content of the TalkToMeInKorean Iyagi series which is certainly hitting the intermediate level.

Also there is a lack of interesting material, but thats very relative. “Interesting” to one person is not the same to the next. For me I’d enjoy reading (and listening!) to talk about Korean life and culture.

As an example we already have ‘restaurant talk’ where there is some conversation between two people at a restaurant. Thats certainly worth working through because it’s intended to show how to have a conversation.

HOWEVER another take on the same theme would be for a Korean person to talk about eating out, foods, traditional foods, influence of cooking techniques from other countries, etc.

Those are just my thoughts. I look forward to any content you might add! Let us know if you do :slight_smile:


genix79, have you tried the My Korean 1 & 2 course? I haven’t done those myself, but it seems like they’d be around the right range for what you’re talking about. And they are available here on Lingq.

Also, there is the Berkley Korean, beginner and intermediate course that’s available free from Cal Berkeley’s website and you can import to Lingq (There are links to them in the suggested content links in the import window) The intermediate content is built nicely around Korean culture and history.

My particular track so far has been: Living Language Complete Korean - then - Berkeley Intermediate Korean via Lingq import - then -Talk to Me in Korean complete Iyagi course via Lingq imports -then - comparative book reading and podcast listening

This seemed to do the trick as far as “proper” progression as far as I could tell – at least so far.

Thanks for the Berkeley reminder. I will hit the intermediate lessons next week as I return to Korean (and Polish) after a month with Ukrainian.

Have you tried the podcasts that I uploaded and had transcribed?

If you can recommend good podcasts with transcripts but even without, please let me know.

I have done the My Korean courses, thanks t_harangi.

However I did not know of the Berkley Korean content. I am looking at that now - it seems very much more applicable to where I am at than the TTMIK Iyagi series (which I am currently working through). This could be the filler for the ‘gap’ I have experienced in content.

Thank you for the heads up.

Hi kpnagle
I’m Hanna from Korea and now I’m participating in LingQ Academy.
I started a blog in Korean (EN CE MOMENT : 네이버 블로그) and you can read my journey in Vancouver. I have already imported one blog post as a lesseon and If you want to check it out, here is the link! Login - LingQ

I hope my lesson can help you to learn Korean. You can also see my Korean video on the LingQ Academy Youtube channel. You can see all our other great videos there too. I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks!