Native English Speaker Here

Hi, I’m from the UK and a native speaker of English. I’m always excited to meet new people and make friends all over the world, so if you want someone to practice English with through friendly, casual chats, add me on my Skype: whatsthisgizmo.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you :slight_smile:


How are you ? I can add you on my Skype . Acthally, I am learning English and speaking with a native .
Have a good time.


How are you ? I can add you on my Skype . Acthally, I am learning English and speaking with a native .
Have a good time.

Hello, i’ll add you on my Skype: ismael.abado
Best regards

Hi there! I am Brazilian native and want to practice my English. I’ll add you on my skype. If you want to learn portuguese just call me.

hi, i am Brazilian and want to practice my english also, i started english class this week, i have not skype yet, but would like talk with someone for chat. if you want to learn portugues just call me also.

Hi, I am from Bangladesh,completed Graduation in Pharmacy dept.Now wish to take IELTS for my higher study. That’s why I need help from UK English native speaker for Improving English skills specially for speaking.If anyone here please help me and add me on skype:snowball775

Hello, I am from Poland, I’ve graduated as a master of mechanical engineering and at present work in automotive industry. I am interested in new technology in automotive, cycyling, bike tour, global economy. I believe that we will find out many topics to speak in English(my level is B2 and I have to improve it). I am wating for message from you on skype:xenoks (podkarpackie)

I am also a native speaker feel free to send me a request for speaking practice

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I am so glad to see this. You guys are invited to add me: Skype: ahsanahsan720

Do you have yahoo? My skype doesn’t work well.

hi , may I have skype interview with you?

It is first time I have been here, I need a native ENGLISH speaker, could you help me?

Hi, I´m from Brazil, and I need to improve my English. I´d like to meet you.

Hello, I am a chinese. working in a software company in Shanghai, I wonder if we can share English learning to each other… yeah, I also like making new friends. My Skype is bella.xiong5 .

i am interested in improving my english. I am from Greece . My skype is skatsaros74


Hello! How are you? I’m brazilian and i need a help. Can ou help me? thanks

Hi Helen. I’m brazilian and i would like to talk in English. If you to want, in Portuguese too. Thanks.

hello mam i wanna learn english… i am from india…