My podcasts (my LingQ Podcasts)

some of you may have noticed that we have started LingQ podcasts in French, Japanese and Swedish. Mairo has one in Portuguese.

I intend to get more and involved in this activity and would like to talk to learners in their language on skype and record the discussion as a podcast.

Please let me know if you are willing to join me in a discussion to be used as a podcast. I am looking forward to doing this in the following languages.

Mandarin (although we do not yet have Mandarin, but we will)
Cantonese (for the future)


In the last two languages especially, and in general, I will talk as little as possible and try to get you to talk about yourself, your job, your interests, interesting things that happened to you etc. I will also hope to have you correct me when I make a mistake in your language so that we do not confuse our learners.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I’m interested, just let me know when it’s best for you, so that we can arrange it better.

I would like to give it a try, too.


Since we are all in different time zones, it is best if you can give me a few time slots that work for you. My availability varies from day to day. I will be looking for you in the mornings my time which is your evening time in Portugal.

But Pedro and Ana, please give me a little more time on my Portuguese right now. I hope to be able to start in Portuguese in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your encouraging response.

Ana, what time slots work best for you?

My schedule varies too. I use to study at LingQ between 8:30 and 10PM, GMT-2 time zone, but some days I’m available at the afternoon, let’s say around 4PM.
But not after 5PM, when the kids arrive from school, unless you want to hear some child-Portuguese in the background… rsss…

Well, usually the afternoon time is the best for me too… I’m eight hours ahead of you, so…, I think from around 10AM to 11AM, I think even until a little after noon… But there are some days when I can’t be on the computer at 8:30 (Portugal time). But just let me know when you’re ready.

ana-paula (and Mairo)

I make it 9.00 in the evening right now for you and it is 3 in the afternoon here. That tells me that you are 6 hours ahead of us. ( I was always strong in math.) This seems to suggest that I want to call ana-paula during my morning. Is t here any particular day that works for you Ana-Paula.


When is good for you? We should talk about the blog in general. Maybe we can do it in Portuguese, although you will have to guess as to what I am saying.

I’d be happy to do one for Englishlingq, if you’d like. Possibly German as well, though I should mention I’m no native speaker. I’m currently on holiday and completely lazy, so any time around 10pm would probably be fine.

Sorry, forgot to add that’s New Zealand time.

from Monday to Thursday are the best days for me. Eventually I turn on the computer at the weekends, but this isn’t very predictable.
I’ve scheduled an event that you’ve created on Thursday, if you like so we could make the podcast after we finish that event.


It would be great to get some “down under” on our EnglishLingQ podcasts. Is 10 pm the only time available. How do mornings work for you? Could you also email me your skypename.

Mornings should be OK. I’ll have to set up Skype as well (never used it before). I’ll give you a time and let you know once that’s all done.

Hi Steve,

I really like the podcasts by the way.

I have been checking regularly for new French and Japanese ones and look forward to the German version. The fact that they are “real” conversations, albeit often structured around some kind of topic, makes them more interesting than normal content. They have a more dynamic feel.

It would be a pleasure for me to contribute to the English podcast if you need a British accent on there.



P.S. Anyone out there who might do an Italian podcast?


I would love to take you up on your offer. Please let me know time and Skypename.

I will contact Alessandro about Italian. German will start soon. We hope to have more people volunteer to take part.



Does Sun 27th or perhaps Sat 26th at 20:00 GMT suit you?

I think we already added each other to Skype way back, my username is rohanhartley




Sunday or Saturday at 20:00 GMT is fine. I will skype you tomorrow and if you are not there I will try again on Sunday.

I am also looking for someone from Spain who might help out with these podcasts for SpanishLingQ. We have a few South American accents lined up and it might be interesting to have someone from Spain.

One important consideration is the quality of the microphone since learners will only want to listen to clear sound.


I actually meant next weekend (26/27) as I am back in the UK then.

Here in Paris, my internet connection isn’t reliable enough.

I actually meant next weekend (26/27) as I am back in the UK then.

Here in Paris, my internet connection isn’t reliable enough.

OK Rohan, I will try this weekend.

Chris, when is a good time for you?

I will also try to contact Alessandro. I did put up a German Podcast discussion with Waldemar and if the transcriber is OK and if my German is not too bad I will do more. If we can two German native speakers to go at it, so much the better.

Sorry about the delay. Would this coming Monday 11a.m Vancouver time be alright?

My Skype name is qzchris.