My F5 key is wearing out!

Is it just me or is anyone else having to refresh the lesson page ridiculously often while LingQing, since the last update?

If you don’t, the LingQ information does not correlate!

This has always been a problem in the past under certain (infrequent) circumstances but now… It seems it has become rampant.


(using Chrome)


Same here. The selected words and the info shown on the right-hand-side are often out-of-sync. Every time this happens, I need to refresh the page. I use Chrome too.

This is happening to me too since the update - I have to refresh 10+ times per lesson (using Safari). It often hangs/freezes so that you can’t select the next blue/yellow word or you can’t click the hint, and if you get too impatient and click the hint twice, it will often then assign the same meaning to the next blue word as well when it unhangs. This used to happen to me sometimes when I first joined LingQ about a year ago, but it had stopped happening for quite a while until this latest update.

We are sorry about this. We have made some significant changes to the minimized view which meant upgrading many of the components on that page. We are continuing to work on those issues as our top priority and hope to have the page back to normal soon. Please continue to report these issues with as much detail as you can provide on which steps you took to cause it to happen and which browser and version number you are using.

It is happening all the time for me and not necessarily as the result of one specific action.

But I find that it happens most often immediately after an ‘unusual action’. For example, highlighting text manually. I just selected two consecutive words to create one lingQ. After I did that, the next blue word is highlighted in the text but on the right side of the page the previous two word lingQ and its hint are still being shown. Clicking on any other blue word does not change this. Manually selecting a new word will change the right side to that new word and its hint, but any subsequent selection of a blue/yellow word will not change the word/hint on the right side.

Another ‘unusual action’ is to enter my own definition; it often hangs after this.

This is also happening to me. Exactly as jungleboy is describing. The F5 Key solves the problem.

Also happening with me. Same as jungleboy. F5 just refreshes the page which is frustrating if you’re listening to the audio while reading. This happens in both chrome and firefox.

@all - we have pushed another update now. It should have fixed the issue with highlighting phrases. Please refresh the Lesson page and try it. Let us know how it works now!

Thanks Galina, it’s much better now! The only problem I have now is that the related phrases underneath the hint etc on the right hand side of a lesson are now unclickable. But I can click and drag to select the phrase in the text if I really want to lingQ the phrase.

Everything seems to be ok again. Many thanks!

@jungleboy - I can’t recreate that issue with the related phrases. Is that in a particular lesson or all lessons? Which browser are you using?

@Cosmo678 - does it work fine in your IE browser now?

@galina - It’s working correctly now in firefox. Many thanks for resolving the problem so quickly.

@Galina - it is working in Chrome but not in my IE browser. I still have the same Problem.

For the Moment I cannot update my IE from Version 10 to 11. I have to check if other Software on my Laptop is working without any Problems with the new IE.

@mark - it seems to be fixed now as I can’t recreate it either, but it was definitely happening earlier today. I use Safari (7.0.4).

@mark - looks like it’s back again. I am studying this lesson:

When I get to the blue word ‘protesi’, the related phrase is ‘protesi bioelettroniche’ and I can’t click on it even though it’s highlighted in blue.

@jungleboy - Strange. I go to that lesson in Safari or Chrome and that word and related phrase and clicking works fine. If you refresh the page, does it work? I’m trying to figure out if it’s some other sequence of actions that you are doing that is causing this.

It works upon refresh, so it must be another sequence of actions that’s causing it like you said.

We will try to reproduce this but if you can also try to remember what steps you take to cause this in future, that will help. These things can be tough to track down sometimes. And, without being able to reproduce them, they are tough to fix.

@Cosmo678 - we don’t have IE 10 here at the office, so there is no way for us to test it. My IE is set up to update automatically, and there is no relation between the browser version and any other software on the computer. We think you can safely update your browser :slight_smile: