More Hangouts, more languages

Our first online Hangout using google+ was a success. I am planning more. I will be contact people to ask them to join. These can be in whatever language people want. I intend to discuss LingQ and how to get the most out of different pages at LingQ.

These are free. So please let me know if you are interested, either here or at the LingQ page at google+.

I would also encourage others of you to host Hangouts on google+, especially to help newcomers who may not understand how to use LingQ. Google+ seems to work well.

How about this coming Thursday at 4 pm Pacific Time for our next Hangout. This might work for our Asian members, where it would be Friday morning. Let me know if there are other time slots that are better.

I want to do one in Portuguese for our Brazilian users. Is there a time in the day that is particularly good for Brazil.

Similarly, are there good times for Korea/China/Japan, Russia/Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East or Australia.

Most convenient time for Western Europe would be to start your hangouts between 9:00 am and 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time (= Vancouver time) that would be to start between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm Central European Time (= CET), (German: MEZ). For the United Kingdom and Portugal (GMT = UTC) this would be one hour earlier than CET.


4 pm Pacific Time = 1 am CET = midnight UTC. Quite late for European people, so I am not able to attend. But I will watch the YouTube hangout video later.

I hope there will be a hangout about LingQ and language learning in general in the near future with Steve and German speaking LingQ members (in German).

Your hangout about the usage of the LingQ lesson page is an excellent topic, which I would like to discuss in a LingQ group conversation! But at 01:00 a.m. (CET) at night (O je!) that’s in my precious sleeping time! (= 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time)

I am interested to take part in hangout discussions in ENG - FRA - SPA - ITA - GER, so I second Hans-Peter’s proposal for a hangout spoken in German.

When it’s daytime again here in Germany, it will be a pleasure for me to watch the You Tube video of your second hangout!


6:00 pm and 8:00 pm Central European Time (= CET) would suit me a lot better too. I’d like to take part in a German speaking hangout.

That would be really nice to have some foreign language speakers of German like skyblueteapot discussing with German natives some LingQ user topics or about language learning and Steve leading the whole discussion in German. :slight_smile:

(But not in the middle of the night CET / UTC - timeszones)!


6:00 pm and 8:00 pm Central European Time (= CET) is usually our dinner time. 1 or 2 hours earlier or later would suit me better.


Thanks for the link!
It is very helpful to see the time.



Thanks! The best time zones site I have seen. I have bookmarked it!

Given the lack of response from Asia, and the fact that the proposed time for the next Hangout coincides with American Thanksgiving, which I had not realized, …and given the positive response from German speakers, let’s make the next Hangout in German.

Which day and time works best. Tell me what works for you local time and I will figure it out from the link above. I guess evening time Europe is the best, but is there a day, or specific hour that is best?

I think we first have to exclude the time frame when the whole city of Vancouver is sleeping and so to speak when whole Western Europe is sleeping does not work either.

This reduces the choice of time to “in the morning” of Pacific Standard Time (= Vancouver Time) which is “in the afternoon” or “in the early evening” of the time zones UTC and CET.

For a German discussion it would be also interesing to invite such excellent German speakers as for example Evgueny (I haven’t asked him yet, if he is interested in hangouts) and eugrus from Russia. Eugrus is active on Google Plus.

Generally, I cannot participate on Wednesday afternoon / evening because of my Danish course.

But on the other afternoons / evenings I am flexible. But I would not want to start discussing in the hangout later than 8:00 pm CET (in German: MEZ) which ist 7:00 pm UTC = GMT.

This week I have an Esperanto group meeting on Thursday and another clubmeeting on Friday, so I will not be available on the early evening of these days.


In terms of the mornings that I have available, it would have to be either this weekend or Tuesday or Thursday of next week. Please let me know.

I will not cancel the Hangout for this afternoon, and will be hanging out there in case anyone shows up.

Sat, Sun, Tues and Thurs all are OK by me.

Same for me, all days are OK, time between 17 h … 22 h CET or 8 h … 13 h PST.

i’d like to participate at some point, though i dont have a clue how to use google + lol ;D

im down for hangouts in english, german, and spanish, and the only times i wouldn’t be available are afternoons and early evenings gmt +1 tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and probably not late nights on friday and saturday either. most days of the week though i would have no problem doing a hangout at 1 am ;D.


This Saturday/ Sunday from 5:00 PM until 8 PM starting time of the hangout (CET time Germany) would be OK for me. Same for next Thursday same time frame as above would also be OK for me.

On Tuesday next week I will have a different appointment, so I could not show up in the hangout.


I let you know when you fix the time if I’m able to partizipate.

How about Saturday at 1700 CET, which is 8 am here in Vancouver. People are welcome whether they speak German or not, but most of the discussion will be in German. Tell me here, or comment on the LingQ page at google+. I am looking forward.

I guess I can make it at 17:00 CET. I’m looking forward for the hangout.