Many subtitles and voices in your standard courses are out of sync, and I cannot edit the sentences to adjust the time . What should I do?

I use LingQ on the Windows 10 system webpage, and the voice and text time of many courses on it are out of sync. Can anyone help me?

As far as I know, some courses are editable by those with a (premium?) account.

Others are editable by LingQ librarians.

Some are only editable by the person who imported them.

Still others are editable only by official LingQ staff.

Maybe one of these fits your use case.

P. S. You could apply to be a LingQ librarian to edit those timestamps, but you may be restricted from editing those courses for another reason.

For example, maybe you’re trying to edit official LingQ courses and aren’t LingQ staff. -OR- something else. Not sure.

Additional Note:

These posts may help you until someone else can answer your question, but pay attention to the posting dates, some info may be outdated:


If the error is in LingQ provided content just mention which language and courses and the admin staff will have a look


thanks a lot,I will look at these later.

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thank you for yor reply.