Major update to lessons organization, tutoring functionality and much more

LingQ 4.5 Update

We launched a major update just now. You will see it right away when you log in. Most of the site has been affected. Here is a list of the changes that have been made, some which are visible and some which are not. There is still some indexing of content being completed in the database so your lesson tabs may have perfect data showing initially. But, lessons should all be indexed within 4 or 5 hours. For the most part, things should be working properly now. Please let us know if they aren’t.

Our major motivation here was in making the finding of Lessons clearer and more easy to use. Likewise our whole tutoring interface needed a major upgrade and we think it is now closer to the level of the rest of the site. We have changed commission levels and made it so that points are much harder to lose to expiration. Even the overall navigation bar should be much simpler now once you get used to it. We hope you will enjoy these updates! As always let us know your thoughts.

  • Reorganized navigation including new Tutors and Community sections
  • New tabs on Lessons page: Library, My Lessons, Vocabulary, Playlist
  • Ability to add and remove entire courses to/from My Lessons
  • Level is now remembered across all Library tabs
  • For those who don’t like to choose your own lessons, the Recommended tab shows a guided series of courses to follow
  • The Media Feed tab shows all articles from the various news sources available for your language
  • New Category tabs to help finding content like Podcasts, Books, even specific accent tabs in languages like Spanish and Portuguese
  • Simple toggle in Library and My Lesson tabs to toggle between lessons and courses
  • New clear toggle between Sentence and Page mode in the Reader
  • New menu for all additional controls and lesson information
  • New Tutors page listing all tutors available for both writing and speaking
  • Ability to post a promotional video as a tutor
  • New scheduler allows tutors to set their schedule once and have it appear permanently
  • Tutors are able to set their own rates for speaking and writing including setting volume discounts.
  • My Activities tab under Tutors now lists all tutoring activities together whether as a student or tutor.
  • LingQ’s commission on tutoring is now taken right away and has been reduced to 15%
  • Points now only expire after a year and only if the user has not visited LingQ in that time.
  • Exchange posts are now for writing only and are limited to shorter, free posts
  • New profile statistics and graphs

This new Update is amazing! I love it so much. The biggest thing I like is the the graph that shows us when we started a language and our progress that we made each month. Super cool. You guys have made huge improvements to this website since 2013! Great job guys.


Excellent work everyone! The updates to the forum are especially welcome.


Yeah. I like that graph a lot as well. It would be awesome if that graph could be embedded in websites so that non LingQ people can see my progress along with the detailed analytics (my recent 7 day progress, all time progress, and etc.) I was looking for the embed code that LingQ previously has given to display my progress on websites, but I couldn’t find it. Where is that section on LingQ?


Wonderful job this site has gotten so much better with everysingle update
. I my girlfriend and i can not stop using it all the time


I’ve set my tutoring schedule, but how do I block off two hours next Wednesday afternoon for a doctor’s appointment without adjusting every Wednesday afternoon from now on?

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Correction: I thought I set my schedule, but it doesn’t seem to stick.

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Hi, I’m not able tto geget audio on the app right now. Any suggestions

Wow, this looks amazing! The library search feature of searching by topic was much needed!


Maybe that is a bug that will be fixed soon…?

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No Roses?
How it will works now?


Is there a tab/way to view just my imported courses?

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Also, I really like the new User Interface. Clean and modern, looks like 2018!


Go to My Lessons and choose the Sort “Newly Imported”.

I have no idea how to search for a new course. It’s just a mess of random lessons. I prefer to take a course.
Now it looks like a list of random chapters from random books.
The Recommended tab recommends me the beginner lessons I’ve read many years ago.


In “My Lessons” I cannot filter by level, and the courses toggle view shows some lessons and courses together. In the old interface, I could see just my courses by level. Now, My Lessons counts 373 lessons or 255 courses. But I have only started a dozen courses or so. How can I just see my courses?

In the Library, any search yields a mixture of courses and results that contain sets of lessons from unrelated courses. How can I search for only courses?

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Excellent work everyone! The updates to the forum are especially welcome , good luck for the future work

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I’m sure the updates are for the best, but I don’t find really cool to erase tutoring function & availability from our profile and to take the points without mentioning it before… We are not a lot in tutoring so I don’t think that would have been a lot of inconvenience to inform us about the changes. By the way, do we still need to reach 10.000 points to convert into cash? Because if you take the commission instantaneously instead of taking it after we ask for the transfer it obviously changes the amount of points available in our acccount.

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I have a little problem, I’m trying to update my tutoring info but I only see a weekly calender. So it seems like I can only put the same availability for every week. How can I change it for specific days? Do I need to update my availability every week?

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