Major Performance Boost, Tagalog, Integrated Review in iOS and more Updates for Oct 19, 2022

There have been quite a few updates to all apps since we last posted here. Perhaps the biggest update, which should have been noticed on all apps was a significant boost to performance on the server. In addition, here are the changes made to the individual apps.

As always, let us know what you think!


  • Front end performance enhancements to Library, Tutors
  • Improved transliteration display in reader
  • Optimizations for app on mobile web view
  • Improved furigana display for Japanese
  • Fixed difficulty filter bugs
  • Fixed Exchange import
  • Added transliteration to Vocabulary list for Asian languages
  • Fixed ui issues in writing exchange request popup
  • Improve reliability of mobile notifications
  • Fixes to challenge stats widget
  • Updates to streak/activity indicator
  • Added Tagalog
  • Support added for RTL languages in editor
  • Fixed format for manual stats input
  • L and R keyboard shortcut fixes for first page in lesson


  • Import lesson audio tracking fix
  • Fix import audio being overwritten
  • UI improvements throughout the app
  • Added Tagalog
  • New streak and activity indicator on stats page
  • Facebook login fix
  • Playlist improvements
  • Support for Android 13
  • Improved library experience
  • All time stats added
  • Fix to default reader font


  • Integrated review mode
  • Tap and hold sentence speaker icon for .5x speed
  • iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets
  • Siri support added
  • Sentence notes added
  • Added Tagalog
  • Tap to see meanings in cloze test
  • Tap grey bar to expand popup in reader
  • View all time coins and LingQs on Stats screen
  • Fix audio resume after interruption (calls)
  • Fix offline audio playback
  • Disable streak and milestone popups

My main L2 finally being on LingQ is really cool. Good job team!

  • Fix to default reader font

Is this the weird issue where it would default to papayrus or something?

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A lot of great fixes and improvements in these past updates. Thanks to you and the team for all the great work.


Any plans to fix the audio controls in the android app? It’s basically unusable imo, how it keeps switching what view I’m in just because you missed the back 5 sec button by one pixel. Why not make switching views be intentional with dedicated buttons that don’t get hit by accident? Along with making the audio controls available in all views instead of having to switch views to get to the speed control.

And the app moved words to known without warning me.

(and my personal gripe that probably affects no one else is that copying text in the app is basically impossible)

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On the last point, you can turn off the setting which moves words automatically.

At least on the desktop it warns you if you forget to set a blue word. I have that turned off on desktop, why would that setting be different on the app?

Thank you for the update~! I noticed today my streak icon is grayed out, eve though I have met my target. Did something happen in that regard?

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Another problem I have noticed is that since this morning, the “finish lesson” button doesn’t work on iOS.

Regarding the iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets it would be so cool if it showed us how many hours of listening we have for the last 7 days! or how many words read for the last 7 days!





A couple of comments on the Android app.

  • It is still not possible to turn pages by pressing the margins as far as I can see. This works on the web reader and the iOS app. Hopefully it comes soon to the Android app.

  • The Android app appears now to have adopted an annoying feature from the iOS app. When adding tags to a lingq, the add button is on the right of the list of existing tags instead of on the left, meaning we often have to scroll to the right of this list if there are already a lot of tags. Previously it was on the left and was more convenient.


It would be nice to be able to customize these over time.

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Thanks, we’re looking into that. I did manage to get it to work after switching back and forth with sentence view and trying a few more times. Obviously, not ideal but for now it should work eventually.


The centre is shaded but the outside should be a solid colour based on your 30-day activity. See the different activity levels in this question from our Knowledge Base

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The app moves words to known when you page. As ericb100 says, you can turn this off. As for the audio controls, we will see if we can expand the tappable area of the rewind button. We always have to trade off adding clutter while preserving functionality.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean but the warning has a “don’t show me this again” checkbox. If you’ve ticked it, you won’t see it again. Having said that, there is no tremendous downside to making words known. Just click on them when you get to that page and create LingQs for them like usual.

Honestly, I’m not sure but hopefully any font issues have been resolved. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The synchronized view (the other view besides “full text” and “sentence mode”, the one with the speed control) looks like the controls are pretty good, but there’s no pinyin. I’d prefer page turning to scrolling, but I could get used to scrolling if there were pinyin. But the other two views, I don’t see how anyone could use them, you’d have to be a precision button pressing ninja.

I of course turned off the auto-lingqing on the desktop, but if you finish the lesson and leave a word blue, at least it gives you a warning before moving them to known. I don’t believe I hit “don’t show me again” on the app, since I’ve barely used the app due to the button press issue. I only did the accidentally known stuff today cause I was trying to check out the new “all time stats” on the app just to see. The one through five scale on the words is pretty much the core feature of lingq (along with words read stats), seems bizarre to shortcut that especially as the default. You could use any free e-reader if that’s what you’re doing.

What I mean is that the whole thing is gray on iOS despite my activity ( on desktop it is gold. Here it is grayed out like I have missed my steak even though as you can see I haven’t.)

Ahh…yes, the iOS app still needs to have its icons fully replaced. That is the old version showing still.