Major Performance Boost, Tagalog, Integrated Review in iOS and more Updates for Oct 19, 2022

There is a setting to show the status bar permanently. It is off by default so as not to overwhelm new users.

Is the streak icon still showing grey for you? It seems to be working properly for me now.

I’ve just realized that in view sentence mode (iOS) there are 2 awesome features.

Show vocabulary is very useful, it’s a lot faster then clicking word by word.

The turtle icon for audio is awesome as well. The voice (in German) seems a lot better than regular speed. It’s a lot more understandable.


Will any of these latest upgrades allow me to receive lingqs of the day in a timely manner or maintain my definitions as i post them?

it was yesterday when you posted this, but today it is back to colored!! thank you. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “a timely manner”? Are you not getting them sent every day? Or, you want them sent at a specific time which you can set? Also, not clear what you mean by maintaining definitions.

Does anybody else have problems with the entire interface after the recent update? I can not open any lesson properly anymore…
I’m using chrome, by the way, hopefully this can be resolved

We’re not really aware of any issues. What specific issues are you having?

I want them to appear in my inbox at the same time of day, and yes, every day. I’ve already brought up this topic of my definitions getting overridden and edited to another default definition in other forum threads.

The problems seem to have disappeared over night, maybe it had to do with my own computer :slight_smile:
Anyhow, thanks for the update, everything is working fine once again!

I’d like to have the feature that allows me to collect beautiful well-written sentence. Sometimes when I read a sentence I want to mark it to my personal sentence bank in case when I do my own writing, I can have some inspiration from it. However, it only support copying sentence or lingqing words or phrases.

I like these features. but the turtle seems to read at the same speed as normal (even though it says 2/3 speed) in French for me.

Btw I am on Safari in the browser right now and it is sooo slow . Typing is almost impossible in the forums and on writing exchange. Reading/lingqing is fine. Sometimes I have to switch to Chrome even though I prefer Safari --Chrome can be a resource hog on my computer-- because it is impossible to type here.

We have never had a way to save sentences. But, you are able to save up to 8 word phrases. We like the focus to be on saving shorter recurring phrases, ideally 2 to 5 words, that you can reuse rather than full sentences which are much less likely to ever be reused. Having said that, we know some of you do have your reasons for wanting to save sentences so it’s something we may look at in the future.

On the website Lingq, if you’re not able to copy the whole sentence, you could bring up the “print lesson”, copy the sentence and put it into a new lesson (your personal sentence bank lesson…or lessons).

Hi Colin, regarding the add tag button - thanks for brining this up. We’ll move this to the left on both apps.

Definitions being overwritten is not something that should be possible. Are you able to provide examples of this happening so we can try and figure out what is going on there? We are also looking into the LingQs of the day email timing. They should appear at the same time each day, you are right.

The turtle only works with the timestamped audio at the moment. If you are in a lesson without an audio file, the TTS audio is not affected. I’ve reported this so we’ll see if we can get that working too. No idea what your issue in Safari is. I’m using Safari now and having no problems. Is it the latest version of Safari?

For the Japanese part of this site, sometimes I get to the last page of the text and it doesn’t line up properly. I don’t know if It’s because I adjusted the font to make it larger, but it is really annoying and always happens on the last page of the text.

@johnjacob Can you take a screenshot of that and send it to support(at) Thanks!

In German is very useful to be able to save the entire sentence when there are separate verbs. Unfortunately in many cases it exceeds the maximum words allowed leaving out the verb at the beginning or the particle at the end of the sentence. Increasing from 8 to 15 words would help a lot. Many times the entire sentence is just 2 or 3 words more.