Lost Streak and Wasn't Prompted To Repair

My phone must have been out of sync because yesterday is say I was good for the day. However, after doing a few lessons, I noticed my streak was gone. Is there a way I can repair this :O? I tried repairing through the email notification link, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. :frowning:

Your streak is now fixed.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Grammar guide/ lessons/ reviews sentence
Speak is not working .
I push button, read sentence, push it again and nothing happens.
Any ideas how does it works?

Do you have your microphone enabled?

Yes. Microphone is working well with all other programs

Yes. Microphone is working well with all other programs

I see you also sent an email, so lets continue conversation there and figure out the problem. Thanks.

I lost my streak , it was 66 , can you repair it?

Hi Mostafa, your streak is being repaired (67 days).

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Very thanks :heart_eyes:

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Hi Zoran, my streak disappeared this morning, after I logged on to the website. I normally just use my phone.
Did I delete it or is there some other issue?

@sfowley I fixed your streak. Your account shows that you didn’t reach daily goal on April 28th, and that’s why your streak broke.

I lost my streak , it was 115 , help plz.

I also lost my streak and wasn’t prompted to repair it either. Which is annoying since its was over 400 days.

@sp06 I fixed your streak. :slight_smile:


@mostafa19 Fixed! :slight_smile:

Same with mine - I missed by 15 minutes. Greek and French, about 450 and 250 days. Thanks in advance. Thanks

@bbbblinq Fixed

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I lost my streak , needed to fix