Linguistics and Steve


I came across with this vid. The guy seems a bit angry with aspects discurssed by some polyglots on youtube.

He mentions Steve and he talks about linguistics and other stuff. He has other vids.

What do you think?

he’s not “angry”. he is just โง่

Any videos of him speaking a foreign language?

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Clug just should do something else.

Hey Imyirtseshem, any job openings down under for a Peter Garrett look-a-like?

@ 2tmp011007 :
“he’s not “angry”. he is just โง่”


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@JujuLeCaribou “คุณพูดภาษาไทยได้ไหม”
คุณแพะช่วย!.. คำว่า “I have no clue what you’re talking about” ในภาษาไทยพูดว่าอย่างไร xD

p.s. I love google translator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@ 2tmp011007 :

I am not sure about your question… :-s

I don’t understand what you are talking about = ผมไม่เข้าใจคุณพูดถึงอะไรครับ

Christophe Clugston always talk about “credentials”, degrees in linguistics, etc …
Does anyone know what are HIS degrees ?

How important is a degree?

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Perhaps Clugston holds a verbal non-scripted degree. You can’t see it… because…well… no way to write it down.

A degree in a scripted language would just go against the Cluston cause and would only be for “hackneyed” “lingophiles” who “decry” real linguist.

We don’t need a degree to learn to speak a foreign language, I think we all agree here about this.

But Christophe Clugston criticizes all the time people without degrees, saying that they understand nothing about linguistics and, therefore, can not learn a foreign language correctly.
This is the kind of opinions that a real linguist (academic definition) can not have !

I think it would be funny to know that this “strange” man has no degree himself…

Nom de Dieu !!!
I really want to meet this guy !!! :-0

@IMY - I’m not so sure that’s the case. At least in Australia, I understood that all you needed was a NAATI qualification, which isn’t a degree. I’m pretty sure you can take quite a few of the exams (which cost a thousand or two, I believe) without having taken any classes or done any previous exams. Once you have the qualification, I assume experience (results etc.) would be the most important factor. But everyone has to start somewhere.

@steve - I think degrees are important in many different professions. They’re not the be all and end all, but they do “prove” that person XYZ has a good foundation in field ABC, and that they have had enough persistance, knowledge and ability to get through the whole degree. In many fields, you only really start learning (at an advanced level) once you enter the workforce, but it would be almost impossible to do that without having done the degree first to get a good foundation.

But a degree in linguistics is a degree that enables you to “analyse” languages, not to “learn” them, right ?

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@JujuLeCaribou “Does anyone know what are HIS degrees ?”
ehm, “degrees”?.. let me ask mr google…

Christopher Ian Clugston:

  1. DLI (about 3 months)
    940407 trainee (basic arabic farsi)
    940425 trainee (basic thai)
    940718 discharge xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. he’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in linguistics (Payap University -all courses in the program are taught in english and most of the teaching staff are native english speakers) -actually, he says he’s currently pursuing a master’s degree but I dunno

p.s. “I’ve been taking some time off to get myself off the Yabba while also learning another 14 languages.”… yep, he is my hero

Wow thats the serous DLI training (total 3 months) he talks about.
Another 14 languages!?! all unscripted!?! wow!

As soon as he starts teaching his comhrac bass class in the Pirahã language, I’m signing up!