Lingq weekly report and LingQ's of the day missing

Is recency of log in required for these two features?

@girlzelda - No, these features don’t require recent log in. However, if you aren’t adding new LingQs to your database for review, they will eventually stop coming. Weekly reports should continue to come until you turn them off in your email settings. You can check your settings for both of these emails on the Settings page.

I have been using LingQ quite actively for about three weeks now, and haven’t received any emails at all, yet my account settings seem to be correct.

I have been using LingQ quite actively for about three weeks now, and haven’t received any emails at all, yet my account settings seem to be correct.

If you had clicked (in the past) on “Unsubscribe” in one of LingQ’s emails (sent via Mad Mimi), you will never receive emails from LingQ, even if you check the checkboxes in your LingQ profile. Alex or Mark can change this, or you click on “Subscribe” in an old email from LingQ.

Aha! Thanks. Maybe I did that in the distant past before I became more active on here. If some kind admin sees this, could you please switch emails back on for me please?

@anthonylauder - Yes, you were unsubscribed from all mailings. I have activated your email again so you should start receiving those emails now.

Thank you Mark!

Just going to borrow this topic since I have a related issue with LingQ of the day.

I have been receiving LingQ of the day for review until two days ago. I don’t recall changing any of the settings in LingQ and in my email. I have been actively adding new LingQs. There had been days when I didn’t receive LingQ of the day, but this is the first time when it happened in two consecutive days and I don’t wish the situation to continue. Alex or Mark, would you be kind and please check over to see if I accidentally altered something in my account to cause this?

On a side note, I used to receive LingQ of the day right on Midnight PST, but recently it’s around 1:30PM, after I increased the size of it. Could the time received be affected by its size?

@mjds - Thanks for the heads up, it looks like there is an issue here. We’ll be sure to get this fixed soon!

@mjds As to your side note, I think the system now sends the Lingqs of the Day out on a 24-hour-basis. If you do your lingqing at 9 pm, they’ll send the vocab out around that time the next day. (I may be wrong, though.)

The last two days I’ve been adding Lingq’s and I have not yet received the daily Lingq’s in the languages on my account. The settings are set accurately. Please, could someone make certain that my account is set properly for the Lingq’s of the day and the weekly reports? Thank you.

@girlzelda - We apologize for this. We are urgently looking into this issue. We are having some issues when the LingQs of the Day are generated on our servers.

Thank you Mark for looking into this. The last Lingq I received was December 12 2012 [possibly because of not adding new Lingq’s]. However the last weekly report sent to my e-mail was December 8 2012…; I do not believe I inadvertently unsubscribed from weekly report’s.

I don’t also receive some last days Lingqs of the day besides maybe French though I didn’t cancel receiving of English, German, Polish and Spanish Lingqs of the day.
Maybe I have to confirm it every new year, don’t I?

I am having the same problem as AnthonyLauder. I have been using LingQ a lot for the last few weeks and have received no Ling of the Day emails even though it all seems to be set up. This is not important for me, but it does seem strange.

Just an update on the LingQs of the Day issue. We have been able to generate the lists of terms each day but we are still having trouble mailing them out. You can find and review your lists for the last few days by clicking the Due for Review dropdown on the Vocabulary page or by clicking on the notifications in your Timeline for the Daily LingQs. Sorry for the continued inconvenience.

I don’t know if this issue is related but I got no email notification that a user wrote on my wall yesterday. Also I miss notifications for roses I got for a shared lesson.

@VeraI - It looks like there might have been an issue there too. Those notification emails should be working now so please let us know if you still aren’t receiving them.

Since I started this thread I have not received the weekly report or any of the lingq emails.
Would it be possible for an administrator to look into this please for me?