Lingq weekly report and LingQ's of the day missing

@girlzelda - OK, you should now be set up to go. It looks like a previous email had bounced, so you were automatically unsubscribed. I went in and resubscribed you, so you will be able to control which emails you receive on the Settings page (

Thank you Alex. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Tonight I received my LingQ’s of the day!
Thanks again; I appreciate that you resolved this issue for me.

Hello, I recently came back to LingQ after a hiatus of several months, but now I’m no longer receiving any daily or weekly LingQ messages. I have selected “Italian” in my settings here for daily and weekly updates, and there is nothing in my spam folder.

Would it be possible to have them turned back on, if I’ve been unsubscribed? Thank you!

@gregf - I checked into this and it looks like you clicked the Unsubscribe link in an email a few months ago, hence why you are no longer receiving emails. I have now resubscribed you, and you can adjust your subscription settings from the bottom of the Settings page ( Enjoy!

@gregf - Hmm, are you subscribed through the Settings page? If possible, would you take a screenshot of the email setting section at the bottom and email it to support (at) just so we can make sure it’s all set up properly within your account?