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I am going to start post comments on how to get more out of LingQ over at the LingQCentral blog, and I will post links here to these posts. Here is the first one.

I will be doing this in different languages, and using audio and video as well. I am open to requests and suggestions. Please let me know if you would like me to talk about something, and in a particular language.

It would be nice if correct linking would be high in the priority list :slight_smile:

It’s only a space in the word “li ngq”. Remove it and the link will work.

Here is a tip from Jeff on finding the most recent post on a Forum. I will copy it here to make it easier.

If you click on the most recent post you will be sent to the beginning of a thread on the Forum. So instead of doing that, just click on the name of the person who made that most recent post. You will be taken to that very recent post.

Here is a tip from me.

I often save phrases, even if I know the meaning. I do this when I know that I have trouble producing a grammar pattern that is contained in that phrase. Then I type in the English (my native language) meaning into the Hint. I can then review them using reverse flash cards

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It does not work, if thread is “multipaged”

Gulp…you are right Rasana!

I did a video on using the Vocab section including some of the new features. You can have a look at the LingQCentral blog (remember to remove the space that is unfortunately always created in these links for reasons that I do not understand)

or view it at The Linguist on Language.

Is this useful? I could easily more, and in different languages.

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Regarding “multipaged threads”, I’m pretty sure that I’ve accessed the last post in a thread with several pages, but right now none of the “recent threads” have several pages so I can’t test it.

I have changed the link to a shorter one using Until we fix the problem with links here I recommend everyone do that when posting a long link.

Here is the link to the video I mentioned on using the Vocabulary page.

I have done four more videos using Jing. I would like some comment and criticism. I could then do more of these in different languages to help our newcomers but I want to make sure I have it right first. It may be that some of our members or tutors want to do these themselves. Jing is available for free download at

Here are the other videos on





Now I would like to know what you think of these. Are they useful? Should they be done differently? Should I do the other language versions or would it not be better to have some of our power users do them in their own language, featuring some of their own tricks and ideas?

I guess the server is suffering a little bit, it is too slow to download the videos…

The link works well for me. The link to LingQCentral is fast and the video link opens up right away for me. Anyone else having trouble?

How many people are using the Examples feature? It has been considerably sped up. Before it was unusable. Now I find it very helpful in trying to learn grammar points like cases in Russian and maybe the subjunctive in Romance languages. Since we save the different forms of the words, we can search for examples of just the form of the word that we have saved. Of course it helps if you have studied a lot of items, because then the examples come from texts that you are familiar with.

Anyway I am curious to hear who is using this now. I think the whole Vocab page has been considerably improved and would appreciate any feedback on how people use this page.

Could anyone tell me what program should I use to see files .mp4?
I’ve got “Windows Media Player” and “Real Player” for .mp3, but I guess that’s not enough for .mp4

Try quick time or winamp.

I use the examples only now and then, mainly when I can’t understand a word in the context I found it. My usage of vocabulary section is not too frequent. I study my daily flashcards often and sometimes I study flashcards from specific items. Other usage is while I’m writing and searching for that word I know I had LingQed before, but can’t remember. Or when I reading something outside LingQ and a new word appears.

perhaps you need to install the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack. Just google it.

Thanks very much Anapaula and Cakypa!

No one of the videos is to open.
For all Links only the “connection will be…” but it doesn’t work, no connection!