LingQ Tips and tricks

They work for me Irene. Try going to youtube and searching for my account (lingosteve) and you should find them there. It may have something to do with the kind of file they are. Sorry.

One problem is, that the window with the video in it opens very large. It is so large, that I cannot see the minimize and close functionality in the right corner of the top. And I cannot see the play, stop, pause etc. buttons.

It helps to click at the top and to move the whole site to the left. Then I can use the maximize button and the whole page is shown on my screen. Maybe other have the same problem. Therefore I explain it here. I think it depends on the screen resolution.

on Youtube I can see the videos (I will be honest, I visited Youtube today the first :slight_smile:

I had a discussion on my blog about the value of “sentence mining” which is recommended by a a successful language learner and interesting blogger known as Khatzumoto.

As a result of this discussion I am now saving more phrases and especially long phrases and sentences. I think it is a useful thing to do. Give it a try and tell my what you think.

In other words I save words, short phrases as well as long phrases, that are often complete sentences.

This is what I am doing at most - saving whole sentences. Only, when that is a really long sentence, I make it a little shorter.
For my feeling how the word or phrase is used, it is better than only short parts.

I mostly save words and expressions of at most 3 or 4 words, I rarely save whole phrases. In case of phrases, I don’t like to memorize too much, I guess that intensive listening and reading are a better way to make longer phrase patterns work their way into my mind.

In Japanese I usually save every word, then expressions and then the whole sentence. I do this almost every time, because:

  1. the Japanese word order is rather strange for me, so I have to remember as much sentences as I can;
    2.Japanese, even written only at Hiragana, are shorter (at least in 2 times) than European languages, so the whole sentence do not reach the 100-word limit.

In English I save conditional sentences only.

Ooops… I wanted to click on Check Spelling, but clicked on the “Post” button… :)) How can I mix them up, if they are on the opposite sides! :))

A want to add, that I do save sentences, when I feel that I can’t reproduce it, its structure.