Here is a complete explanation of the LingQ SRS (Spaced Repetition System). This system is designed to enable a thorough, staged review of the LingQs (words and phrases) you are learning.

Essentially, you have a Due for review list on the Vocabulary page to which new words due for review are added and from which reviewed LingQs are removed. LingQs are added to your “Due for review” bucket based on how many days it has been since that LingQ was last reviewed. A LingQ is considered reviewed when it is created, when it’s status is changed or when it is marked as reviewed on the Vocabulary page.

The date when a LingQ is created is stored and used initially. After that whenever a LingQ’s status changes, that date is reset. A LingQ’s status can change manually when clicking the Status bar or can be changed automatically when a LingQ is tested correctly twice in a row during a flashcard, cloze or multiple choice session. Note that Status 4 LingQs only have to be tested correctly once to move up to the next Status 4 review level. LingQs can be marked as reviewed by simply selecting the LingQs on the Vocabulary page and choosing “Mark as reviewed” from the More actions dropdown.

The review of LingQs is staged which means that LingQs are added to your Due for review bucket at different intervals based on the status of your LingQs. The intervals at which LingQs are added to your Due for review bucket are based on LingQ status as follows:

Status 1 - 1 day
Status 2 - 3 days
Status 3 - 7 days
Status 4 - 15 days
Status 4a - 30 days
Status 4b - 90 days
Status 4c - Never

We have added supplemental review stages for Status 4 (Known) LingQs so that these terms are reviewed in the future to ensure you remember them. Each supplemental stage only requires one correct test or review to be moved to the next stage. You can check the supplemental status 4 stage by clicking on the 4 in the status indicator once status 4 has already been selected.

To review your SRS list, go to the Vocabulary page and choose the Due for review (SRS) tab. All LingQs visible are due for review. You can study these LingQs as you would LingQs from any other lists on the Vocabulary page. As you review LingQs, they will be removed from the SRS tab.

As part of the SRS system, you will receive a daily email containing your LingQs of the Day unless you have no LingQs due for review. The daily email contains LingQs that come due for review that day along with a random collection of other LingQs from your SRS list. LingQs due for review that day will take precedence over the random LingQs pulled from your list. To review your Daily LingQs simply click on the flashcard or cloze buttons in the email or go to the Vocabulary page and choose the day you want to review from the LingQs of the Day dropdown. These daily lists are saved in the system for the last 14 days only.

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The only word I could utter now is: “wow”! That sounds like a major improvement to the system! For me, it’s probably even the most important of the latest updates. Thanks a lot for your hard work. I can’t wait to see it work in practice.

I’ve been interested in spaced repetition too =)
Had some planes for AnyMemo and was going to report LingQ’s cvs-export’s encoding problem due to it, but now I can happily do it all here :slight_smile:
At least, on PC. Hope, that it’s going to appear on Android as well.

The LingQs of the Day lists will now appear properly in the iPhone and Android app as well. Since this is a new feature, it currently only shows the LingQs of the Day list from today, but it will display the lists for the last 14 days.

@alex Works indeed! Thank you!

This is such a great system. Kinda like that goldlist system except a lot better!