LingQ of the day email

Well… do i get it right? If I just go to the Due to Review tab on the Vocabulary page and then launch Cards, would I be using the same SRS algorithm as the members receiving their e-mails?
I just don’t receive these even though I am supposed to according to my settings.

@eugrus - Yes, you can go the vocabulary page and the SRS tab. To view the daily lists there is a filter called LingQs of the Day in the sidebar. Otherwise, you can sort your SRS list using the sort filter, to sort these LingQs by importance, date added etc… Regarding, the emails, you don’t get them because your email address has been unsubscribed from receiving the newsletter and other mailings. I have reinstated your email now so you should start receiving these emails.

@mark There is some bug effecting the Setting page then, cause the flag “Don’t send me any emails from LingQ” was off.

@eugrus - I wrote about why this is happening in a post above. We are looking into ways to correct this.

@eugrus - Unfortunately, if you unsubscribe from the newsletter it affects all emails sent through that same system. At the moment, that includes the Lingqs of the day, the Weekly Report, Newsletters, Promotions, and Conversation Requests. We are currently trying to separate these lists so that you can unsubscribe from only particular emails. In the meantime, don’t unsubscribe from any of these emails in order to continue receiving them. The flag on the Settings page only controls system emails if you are still subscribed to the newsletter list.

Oh… it was that other flag on the Account page. Tricky =))))

@mark, Unfortunately I have received agian 10 old LingQs and 15 actual ones. As you recommended, I checked the “Due for review SRS list”. There aren’t any old LingQs in this list.

@Alex_Gur - I’m not sure what you mean. The list in my email seems to be working exactly as it should. Can you send a screenshot of your problem so we can try to understand it better?

Dear @mark, how can I send you any screenshots?

I assume you’re using Windows. If so, follow one of these methods: The Easiest Way to Take a Screenshot in Windows | wikiHow (The Easiest Way to Take a Screenshot in Windows | wikiHow)

@alex and @mark, I know well how to make screenshots.
My question is how to SEND them to you?
.I don’t see any possibility to include files to the message trough the portal

Oh, I see :slight_smile: Send them to us at support (at) lingq (dot) com.

OK. Sent. Is it undestandable?
Thank you.

I’ve tested now the e-mail for the last days. There is one thing confusing me. The link in the e-mail is

That makes the LingQs appear in a different order from the e-mail.

If you would use

the LingQs appear in the same order as in the e-mail. It took me a while to figure out why I the first LingQ that I saw was not the first LingQ in the e-mail as I’ve expected. In the old e-mails the word order was the same as in the e-mail.

Not a big deal but a bit confusing tough.

I have just realised that my setting for the Finnish LingQs of the Day was 25 per day, but I have never received any e-mail with Finnish LingQs to review, only the one with the Polish words.

By the way, I’d like to tell you that I do like this new system. :slight_smile:

We’ll look into these issues.

A couple of days ago, I changed my settings in order to get the LotD e-mail for Polish, Finnish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, but today I only received the Spanish mail and couldn’t study the other LingQs of the Day with the Android app.

I hope you will solve this problem soon. :slight_smile:

Are those lists shown on your Vocabulary page or are they not created at all? Check the LingQs of the Day dropdowns in those languages.

I have a LingQs of the Day list with the date of Jan 9 only for Spanish, while the most recent date for the other languages is Jan 8.

@Vera - The Vocabulary page remembers the last selected sort filter every time you load the page. That is why the order of terms may not match your email. We don’t want to change this because that will mean overriding the user’s preference for that filter.