LingQ of the day email

I think there is something strange with the email.

My settings are 50 English LingQs a day. The email includes 50 LingQs but when I click on the Link to review them, I get only 25 flashcards.

Another point is that I don’t understand now how the LingQs are selected that I get.

Sometimes I have not time to work on the flashcards or I simply don’t want to do this. Than I collect the emails for several days. I’ve done this during the Christmas holidays because I was too busy with other things. Now, when I want to review them, it looks like most of the suggested LingQs for flashcardings are always the same.

Sorry, but the old system worked perfect for me. I got all my LingQs five times for reviews, the first the day after I’ve created them and the other some days later. So I had a really good repetition factor. If I couldn’t remember it, it was not shown any longer. If it was an important word I grabbed it again while studying another lesson. Additionally I was able to flashcard them on the vocabulary page if I would like to. But now I’m confused and not sure when I’ll see the created LingQs again.

Please, can you explain the logic behind?

And the LingQs on the flashcards are not the ones in the email!

We’ll take a look at this, and will provide some more detailed information about the SRS system soon.

The main problem is that I always get the same LingQs for all the old emails.

I had the same problem Vera and I used to collect e-mails with lingqs for several days too, but after the latest improvements I tried to do only repetitions suggested in the most recent e-mail and since a few days I unsubscribed from Lingqs of the Day e-mail altogether. There’s another way to do repetitions if you want to avoid going through the same words again and again - you can just go the Vocabulary page, click on “Due for Review”, choose how many lingqs you want to revise, tick them all and click on “Flashcards” to open. I admit that it’s a little bit less convenient, but at least you make sure that you don’t see the same lingqs again and again, because they should disappear from the “Due for Review” list, at least that’s how it’s in my case.

At the beginning of decembre I paid 99,00 Dollar for the one year membership. Now a feature that I’ve used a long time and worked for me perfectly didn’t work any longer for me.

I use LingQ for

  • importing lessons
  • studying lessons
  • LingQ of the day e-mail - old version.
    That is why I pay 99,00 Dollars a year.

Three weeks after I’ve paid you changed the behaviour of the e-mail and this was not an improvement for me! For me it looks like I’ve bought something and I got something else instead. In Germany we call this “Die Katze im Sack kaufen” if we don’t know what we get out of something. In our law you would have to give me my money back or at least a part of my money.

But I would pay another 99,00 Dollars to have the old LingQ of the day e-mail back, Alex, and this is a serious offer to show you how much I miss it.

Our original intention was for all the older emails to work as well, but we ran into several complications with regard to the emails. It’s still a work in progress, so give us a bit more time on this and we’ll see what we can do.

I haven’t been using LingQs of the Day for quite some time, as I have been using the iLingQ app flashcards both with individula lessons and sometimes the LingQs of the Day. Now I have found out (from this thread) that my old emails don’t work. I’ll keep them just in case (I have kept hundreds of them over the last two years). I hope you can get them working again.

On the other hand I haven’t received any LingQs of the Day emails since September. I get other emails (alerts etc) alright, but no LingQs of the Day. I thought it was due to the changes on LingQ until I found other members mentioning various flashcard issues. My settings are for LingQs of the Day to be sent for 6 languages (25 words each). I don’t need any weekly reports, but when I still had the settings to receive them I received them in an erratic way (1 or 2 instead of 5 or 6, sometimes none at all), so I put the settings so as not to receive any reports at all.

Our recent update changed the hint structure of the LingQs, so your old LingQs of the Day emails will not work anymore. However, you can see your full list of LingQs that are scheduled to be reviewed by going to the SRS list on the Vocabulary page.

The alert/notification emails and the other emails are sent from different places, which explains why you were only receiving some of them. If an email (LingQs of the Day, Newsletter, promotional mailings, etc.) bounces for any reason, our email provider automatically unsubscribes them so they no longer receive these emails. Unfortunately, this occasionally happens with users who still do want to receive emails.

I’ve now corrected this and you should now start to receive these emails again, but we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to prevent this from happening in the future.

As said above I would pay 99,00 Dollars (9900 points) to have the old LingQ of the day e-mail back. I tried the new e-mail again and the LingQs shown and the LingQs in the e-mail are not the same. And I have the impression that the same LingQs comes for review after a too short period again.

Vera we are working on the issues with the SRS emails. As Alex asked yesterday, give us a little time. We hope to have some changes made later today so that tomorrow’s email will be improved. We will not be reverting to the old system and the old emails will not start to work. However, I think the changes that are coming will solve all your issues so please be patient a little longer.

@Vera I also liked the old version of LingQs of the day because I also have not every day some time for word revising - ich habe das einmal wöchentlich gemacht- but nothing to do, we will wait for some real improvements with this issue.

I have the same problem. I receive in the day email some old LingQs that was formerly in my LingQs list and has just got off from it.
For example, words “forecast”, “feedback”, “confidence”, etc.

I have just received my LingQs of the Day emails for 3 languages. I hope I’ll get them for all languages I’ve set (depending on how regularly I’ve been working on them probably).
A few minutes later…The other languages have arrived. Thank you!

@Alex_Gur - Are you saying you got old LingQs in your email? You will get old LingQs now if you don’t have enough new LingQs to fill up your email. Based on our SRS algorithm, words you have previously reviewed will be sent back to you periodically.

Yes, @mark, I receive some old LingQs in my email. I have now 52 LingQs. Isn’t it enough for an e-mail message?
Anyway, I can’t work with old LingQs, because when I push the button Flash cards in my LingQs list e-mail, I receive only 15 flash cards to study.

@Alex-Gur - You will only be sent LingQs from your Due for review SRS tab on the Vocabulary page. These are the LingQs that our SRS algorithm has determined are due for review. Please see my recent post on the SRS system to understand how this works

@VeraI, evgueny and others - The LingQs of the Day has been changed. It should now address all your concerns. It now sends you the list of LingQs that were added to the Due for review SRS list that day along with a random selection of LingQs from the SRS list to fill out your desired number of LingQs. The most recent email you received uses this new logic. We now also store the last 14 days emails so you can study old emails from within this period. You can also access the 14 days worth of lists on the Vocabulary page using the LingQs of the Day filter. Keep in mind that this system was only implemented yesterday so only 1 day’s list will show today but obviously, as time passes, the list will fill up.

Thank you Mark for all your efforts. I’ll give it a try and let you know how this works for me after two weeks.

Thanks, Mark! I hope it would be interesting and useful for all of LingQers.