LingQ Lessons are still not opening

The lessons are still not opening this morning (I simple get a new looking LingQ screen) but no opening of the actual lessons. This has been the case since last night (July 5th).

I have tried using my laptop (Chrome and IE); I have tried using my spouse’s laptop (Chrome) and i have tried using my i-pad (Chrome and Safari). None of these devices are allowing me access to lessons.

Here are some things i have done to see if the issue is on my end:
– check my download speed (via Netflix)-- i am good here
– ran a virus scan-- i am good here too
– cleared my cache

I love LingQ and look forward to the updates. Just getting a little frustrated.


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Same problem here. Since yesterday

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@mikebooks, thomas_dc - Can you try clearing your browser cache and closing any tabs you have open to those lessons. Then, go back to the Learn page and re-open those lessons.

I think that there might be a problem for people who are beta testers. I can open a lesson in classic and beta view with my dummy account (not a beta tester), and when I open the same URL with my normal account, I cannot open it. Enless toggle. Some update seemed to have gone wrong here, especially if you say that Beta view should not be visible yet…

Tried all those things but not working. I get a Gateway timeout ERROR 504 when trying to open a lesson. It states that the LingQ website is offline (which is weird because here i am writing in the forum). It may be that parts of the website are having issues.

I took a screenshot and will send it through email when i am done typing.


Or is there a problem paying versus non-paying members?

Hi Mike,

We received your email, and I responded.

I tried closing the tabs and cleaning the cache, but the error is still stere. Its the gateway error as mentioned elsewhere

Ok, we are on it. Hope to have it resolved soon.

I can’t get lessons to load in Chrome on my Chromebook (ChromeOS laptop, pretty widespread little things at this point). I’ve cleared the cache, etc., I even went so far as to “powerwash” my Chromebook (it resets everything to factory defaults), and I still can’t load lessons. I can access, see my list of lessons, but whenever I try to open one, it loads for a while then I see a blank page. Contacted support about it and didn’t get much help. Last thing was me offering to help the devs in any way possible, such as providing source code from the page loads, trying different things, etc. That was met with no response.

Pretty frustrated as well.

@praeshock - That does seem strange. Sorry for the slow response. I have responded to your support request.

Same problem for me on the chromebook, did you get it resolved?

I’m not surprised. This website is the worst i’ve ever seen for random periods of slowness, downtime, glitching and bugs.

After 10 years you’d think they’d have actually put some money into hiring programmers and designers who know what they’re doing.

If it doesn’t improve they are going to lose subscribers imo. Me probably being one of them.

Barely a few days goes by without some bug or other happening out of nowhere. One day it wouldn’t create phrases for me. Then it would. Now as of yesterday it creates phrases but when i enter back into the lesson they are no longer saved. It’s a joke really.

Same problem here in France since the “New LingQ Reader” has been launched.

I have the same problem!

same here! I signed up and… nothing. Any ideas?

It does work now! :wink:

@Martinxo - Should be fixed now. Sorry about that. There was an issue for users of Chromebooks.

I get it that things can be frustrating sometimes but I’m not sure why you don’t just report the issue to us. Most lessons and phrases are working fine. If you find a bug, report it so we can look into why that is. It’s a completely new platform. There are going to be bugs.

Regarding our past performance, that is precisely why we rebuilt things from scratch. The old page had been rebuilt many times on the old existing core and it was time to replace it. But new software does have the odd glitch.

There are issues that come up with individual lessons. If you have a problem with a lesson, send us a link.

Report things? I would be forever reporting things. Something new breaks every other day it seems and has done since i signed up, in both Classic and now the new view. I don’t have time to be emailing your team all the time for a PAID service that should just work, and then sit twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to be fixed before i can use the service i’m paying for properly. Isn’t the whole point of beta testing etc to make sure it’s BUG FREE before going live? Really, what ARE you paying your programmers and developers for because they are woeful. People beta test. People report bugs and glitches. You fix them until one day very few people have very few problems. And then you go live. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Easier just to cancel, which i’ve done.