LingQ Extension for Google Chrome: Learn Languages while surfing the web!

One of the most unique and useful features on LingQ is the ability to import any text from the internet and study it directly on LingQ.

But that is all about to change. Today, we’ve released a brand new extension for Google Chrome users. With the extension, you can now take LingQ’s vocabulary functionality and tracking tools with you as you surf the web, allowing you not only import texts but also study them without even leaving the page.

How to use the extension

When you click on the extension, a banner will appear at the top and you’ll have the option between two choices.

  1.  Open on LingQ imports the article to LingQ so you can study it through the site

“Open on LingQ” is an extension of the already existing Import Bookmarklet, which allows you to select text on any page and import it into LingQ. Simply select the language you’d like to import it into and the extension will handle the rest.

  1.  LingQ Here brings the LingQ system to you, highlighting the words on the page and allowing you to save, review and mark words as Known.

If you choose “LingQ Here”, any words that you have previously saved to your database on LingQ will show up with a yellow highlight, and you can review these words by simply clicking on them. In addition, any words that are new to you are highlighted in blue, and clicking on one of these words will allow you to look up the word and save it to your database.

Of course, anything you do on the page is immediately synced with your personal database on LingQ, meaning your database is always up to date.

The LingQ extension is available now in the Chrome Web Store (Chrome Web Store), so be sure to try it out and let us know what you think!

not working it seems on chromium

although I am not currently a paying member… great idea by the way :slight_smile:

Wow, this is a great idea indeed! I’ve already used it a little bit and for the most part it seems to be working just fine, I’m excited to use it more.

Can’t wait to try this!

I just tested this out and this is absolutely awesome!!!

Where do I find the extension?

The Google Chrome Store.

Yeah. I’m impressed.

I must be doing something wrong. (BTW thanks huggie_spice I am not too swift when it comes to technology).

It opens in LingQ but not on the page. In other words when try" LingQ here", nothing happens other than a message asks to wait while LingQs are loaded. Also the text formatting gets scrambled. But I am going to bed now.

I too am getting the same problem as Steve were the lingq on web page function does not work at all. my language is Japanese

I tried it with Korean, Czech and Russian with the same results.

Where do I find the extension?

I can not find it on this page:

The Google Chrome Store.

Sorry,but I need more explications! please!


The search bar on the left. Type in LingQ. Click the install button. If you don’t find it, perhaps it’s hidden or omitted from German locales.

Also LingQ, the extension is filled under “Fun” instead of “Foreign Language”. While you may think learning foreign languages is fun, more people may find this (randomly, hence new customers) if it’s under Foreign Lang.

– 5 min later –

Okay, I tried it out. I’m not getting it to work. I’ve tried it on and The LingQ bar comes up but nothing is highlight. Chrome 33, Mac OS X Mavericks

Also – here’s a questions for your devs – is it going to work on local files (maybe not html files)? This would solve import hassles. I would like to go to file:///Users/shaun/StarTrek/DS9/ and read the subtitles right in my browser without importing.

In the Chrome App Store, I don’t find anything with the search term “LingQ”.

What about a Firefox extension? I prefer Firefox, as I don’t like Google and its personal data harvesting.

Here’s a direct link to the LingQ extension in the Chrome store:

I can’t get LingQ’ng on the page to work either (trying on from Chrome 33 on Mountain Lion), but what does work for me is highlighting text on the page, clicking the LingQ Extension button, then choosing German from the languages… voila, the text I highlighted just got imported as a lesson into my account. That alone should save me a lot of time!

I couldn’t get the extension to appear in the search results until I switched the language setting on my Google account to English.

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This is great! Just tried it out with German on both and and have a couple of issues to report:

  1. Some paragraphs are skipped, but I haven’t been able to figure out might be causing this. When I access the same article from the LingQ website under “Quick imports”, the paragraphs are not skipped.
  2. Sometimes I have to click “LingQ here” twice to get it to work.

I’m using Chrome 33 on OS X Mountain Lion (Mavericks).

This sounds like an excellent feature. Very exciting.

Like people above, it is not really working for me. The highlighting does not appear, but I can select new words and already made LingQs. You can see this here.

I try to use it on a Wikipedia page about the Niederdeutche Sprache (zzzzzzzzzz), but after turning it on, there are no highlighted words. I then click on every word in the first line and you can see that some of them are highlighted by a red box and others are not. I open the page in the reading interface and you can see that the ones that were selected were the new words and the existing LingQs.

@ spatterson

I can’t find Greesemonkey for Chrome. There is a Tampermonkey. Do you think this would work in the same way?