Lingq Browser Extension - Error 0: Can't parse this page


Whenever I try to import a YouTube video I receive the following message:

Error 0: Can’t parse this page. Please upgrade LingQ importer extension.

This is on Chrome browser which did work some time ago (probably pre xmas when I last used it). I tried removing the extension and re-adding but the same issue. I also tried clearing the cache etc, and I tried multiple YouTube videos.

Netflix still works ok.

Any ideas?



Just received this error myself. It was working fine literally this morning but now cannot seem to import any video.

Example: Что не так с буддизмом - YouTube

The same thing is happening for me on Edge Chromium (using the Chrome extension) and on Firefox.

Sorry about that! We are looking into the issue.

Same here. As of 7th April 2020 a.m. importing does not work from Youtube. Same error code… :frowning:

The issue is now fixed and you can import properly from YouTube again.

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I’ve been having issues with the browser extension for the past days, too. I can’t import from YouTube anymore. I’m using Safari, running on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4. I tried with Firefox, but it’s the same problem. I re-installed the browser extensions yesterday, but still had the issue. Any hints??

Thanks, this all seems to be working again great for me. Thanks for sorting it out so quickly!

@AlexKoryakin The issue is fixed, please give it another try.

I’m having the same issue today with YouTube videos and chrome.

It seems like this error has come back for me, unfortunately. As with before, it’s not working for me under any browser that I try.

Strange, seems fine for me. Can you post link to a video you still have issues with?

Well here are the videos that I am having issues with. Hope this helps in some way.

The second video I have imported before I just used it to make sure that it wasn’t just an issue with the first video.

In addition to the ones that TrippleAce has posted, here’s the one I was trying to import: PAN relleno con Crema SIN HORNO! (hecho en la Sartén) - YouTube

I also tried re-importing something which I had previously imported as well, and had the same issue there. Here’s the one I had already imported: ¿Cómo vencer al coronavirus? – CuriosaMente Extra #QuédateEnCasa - YouTube

Hope this helps!

I am having the same problem. It just comes up saying 0: Can’t parse this page. Please upgrade LingQ Importer extension.

Indeed, the problem seems to have come back again. It was fixed but now broken again.

Just tried to import a YouTube video and also got the same error message.

I am having the same problem on Chrome (using Mac updated ios). For example it does work to import the following videos from YouTube: Les origines | HNLD Révolution française (tome 1) Série#1 - YouTube or Corona: Was passiert, wenn alles vorbei ist? - YouTube

I have the same issue, my LingQ browser extension stopped working since yesterday. Also the delays with the imported lessons are annoying. It seems like all these issues return at any time without a definitive solution.

I´m having the same problem now, it has happened for at least two days