LingQ app on Onyx Boox

I just came across a Reddit post about using the new LingQ Android app on the Onyx Boox e-ink ebook reader. This reader uses Android so can run the Android app and somebody in the Reddit thread posted a video of them using it on their device. It seems to work really well, as long as you don’t really care about distinguishing between the different colors.

Anybody here have experience with this?


commenting because im curious too.

I use the Onyx Boox. Here is a photo of the screen. The colors are plenty distinguishable, at least between 1 and 3. I rarely use 2 but I’ll include a shot with that in a reply. The use is as smooth as the Android app on a phone or the website on a desktop. The only real complaint I have with the Boox is that, unlike the Android app on a regular smartphone, which syncs well with the website, you usually will have to logout and log back in to force a sync. Also, dark mode doesn’t work very well unless you don’t mind not seeing the color boxes. The second reply has a picture of dark mode.

This is the Nova 3.


Here is a better picture. The words go in order from left to right as 1, 2, 3, 4, known.


Here is dark mode. The color boxes are not visible. There is a lot of bleed through in the background as you can see. The words will appear to be written in blue, red, and white if you select “Foreground Color” for the dark theme highlight style. Blue text is still for unknown words. White text is for known, ignored, or level 4 words. There are three barely distinguishable shades of red for the level 1, 2, and 3 words.


Thanks for the pictures. It does look good, except dark mode. How fast is it? I guess it still has a little delay between pressing a word and the bubble being shown.

Also, it seems on all the screenshots that there is not so much text on the screen at one time. The first screen shot has a massive header and only three lines of actual lesson text but that is likely just because it is the first page. The dark mode screenshot has a massive blank space at the bottom. Does changing the settings fix this?

There is a guy near me selling the Nova Air second hand. I might give it a gander. This is the one demonstrated in the Reddit post I linked to. The only downside is it is not in color so I won’t be able to distinguish between yellow and blue words without clicking on them. I think it’s fine for me generally.

Thanks for the explanation.

I’m running the LingQ Android app on the Onyx Boox Nova Air C. It’s very usable, though I agree with Ryanaissance that it’s quite difficult to distinguish the different levels of lingq. It’s fast enough for me, though it takes a while to open a new lesson, while it downloads the sound file. Certainly, it’s a larger format than my smartphone and easier on the eyes.


This would be a game changer if it works properly. The biggest thing that keeps me from reading more on LingQ is eye strain.

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This makes me want to buy that E reader, but I don’t think I would ever buy it unless LingQ officially supported it.

Since the eBook reader runs Android, I guess technically they do support it officially with the Android app. From what I hear, it already works pretty good on this reader. It would be great if they were to update the Android app to support it a bit better, such as tweaking the colors for a black and white screen.

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Nice. How well does the Nova Air C work in general? Everything I have seen from it makes it look excellent as a eBook reader.

Also, in terms of touch precision, is it good enough? I mean when you press a word in the LingQ app, does it register the press on the correct work?

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Finally I pulled my thumb out and ordered a Onyx Boox Nova Air C. I’ll post some impressions here when I have it and have given it a go with LingQ.


Thats great! Yeah let us know how it goes. Maybe I’ll end up getting one too.

I’ll probably post something in a few days. I would not have bought it without other people here and on Reddit telling me that it works well for them. All the reviews I have read or watched say that the device is a very good ebook reader on its own, but holy hell it is expensive.

I’m bumbing this thread, because I find it interesting.

Btw is this really onyx boox 3? How is it blue? I thought onyx boox 3 is just a scale of shadowish colors. It looks much better than I’d expected.

I’m considering onyx boox 3 or leaf. It really looks great.

I just got the Onyx Boox Nova Air C and I’ll post some impressions and images/videos tonight or tomorrow. The Nova 3 Color is probably not worth buying unless you can get it cheap second hand since the Nova Air C is the newer color device. From what I read, the Nova Air C is the first color device that is really a full product and not a bit of an experiment.

I posted a longer brain dump about my experience with an Onyx Boox using LingQ on another thread.


In general, I think the Nova Air C is fine as an eBook reader. There’s no problem with touch precision. There is also a stylus, if you’ve got fat fingers, but the stylus is intended mainly for drawing and handwriting.
As with any eReader, it works very well in bright sunlight, when the built-in front-lights can be turned off. This is especially useful in mid-summer, when it’s pleasant to work outside. Today, I completed my LingQ assignment on the beach, beside the sea. Here’s a photo from my smartphone as proof!


Very nice. I actually already have one now for a little over a week and it is really nice. I wouldn’t get it if I just wanted an ebook reader since the screen isn’t quite as pleasant as the Kindle and it is expensive as fook, but for LingQ it works really well.