LingQ 5.0 New Version - Here to Stay Get Used to It

Lets provide good feed back so it can be slowly updated and fixed as needed. Its here to stay and they are not going back to the old version. So lets get used to it!!!

I personally think its okay and still allows me to achieve my language learning goals. Its just takes some getting used to.


if they want to make people click and scrolling more ( i hope not) than we will have to get used to it… There is no other similar option in the market. Right?


I’m not happy that now the amount of listening times is partial numbers. I listen once and it says 1.17 times for example. How to get it to show in whole numbers?


I have had problems with it but then decided to download Chrome and see how LingQ works with it. It is so much smoother than the Firefox version! I actually enjoy reading on LingQ more now. People complain about some of the things being cut or simplified but I don’t really miss anything. Mainly I have noticed people mention the sidebar being not large enough and only showing one of the possible meanings for a given word, but all I do is just use arrow keys to navigate through it.


interesting. I only use the mouse to navigate. Could this be THE THING that differentiate satisfied and dissatisfied people? And that the lingq team only tested the new version using the keyboard?


I switch to my mouse once my hand’s getting stiff using the arrow keys – and using LingQ is still enjoyable.
There’s always a portion of people that get annoyed at major changes that happen to a product they use and LingQ is no different. The new version is not perfect for sure but it is not awful as well. It is going to get better as time passes.


I am a new user here, but I happened to start using LingQ right when the new version was launched. Is it just me, or it seems that now it is impossible to have a video playing next to the text I am learning? The video comes as a popup now and blocks the text/transcript.
In the tutorials (in the previous versions), the video is always shown placed next to the text, which is pretty convenient.

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i wonder how big is the portion of people that are annoyed. I suspect its big, because for me it is awful. Thankfully a user made possible to have a bigger sidebar, which really helped me too keep my flow of reading.

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I do think there is a difference in workflow that may be responsible for the difference in the experience.
I do tend to use the keyboard: k to make a word known, x to ignore it, arrows + return for lingqint, but I do use the mouse on occasion, just like ditzyrobert. particularly for lingqing.
I don’t understand either why you need such a large sidebar and then have to scroll down.
I have downloaded and installed the style you provided (thank you very much for it), and I do prefer it but even before I did, I had no big difficulty.
I’m curious, why do you need to scroll down so often? Are the meanings you get wrong? I typically click on the first one I get and rarely add a second one, and I am learning Japanese, which should make finding the right meaning trickier.
In general, I definitely think that the web version gets much easier to work with if you at least use a couple of the keyboard shortcuts, not only in this version but also in the previous one. After all, it’s meant to be read in a computer, isn’t it? For devices without a keyboard you have the mobile versions:

“I don’t understand either why you need such a large sidebar and then have to scroll down.”

Even with the style that the user virgilinojuca provided it is not good enough, because it still show less information (dictionaries, meanings) than before and less direct access to the dictionaries and other meanings. I will need extra clicks to get them (very annoying for me)

“Are the meanings you get wrong?”

They are not wrong, just not good enough. I am learning german and need to learn the gender of each noun and normally i need to create a new meaning with the singular and plural form because this meaning with the gender information is not there yet, nobody took the time to do it. And i normally select two or three meanings, or more ( of the ones that are there already)

So that seems to be the big difference between satisfied and dissatisfied people: The necessity to select more than one “meaning” and to create new meanings. And maybe the use of the keyboard. I need to try it and see what difference it make.

thanks for asking it really helps.

You probably were listening that amount of time, meaning you might’ve skipped back a couple of times and re-listened the content. I do like it when it’s for listening, it gets messy though when reading.

Can you record a video or a screenshot of what you’re trying to say? Because I am still confused as to what additional scrolling is going on there.

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I have written to you in another thread.
The issue here is that you have a workflow that involves adding very specific grammar information for every word you find.
Most of us don’t do that. Notice that I’ve learned Russian on LIngq (which has way more conjugations) and I also speak German and I’ve had no need for it.
I was also used to the “school” system of learning each word by its “principal parts” but that is simply not the Lingq approach to language learning.
If you want to add grammar info, use the tagging system, rather than modify the meanings: it’s conveniently situated on top of the bar.
But in general, the LIngq system encourages you to simply keep on reading. It does work, trust me, you’ll encounter the different word variations as you read and you’ll get there much faster if you don’t stop to edit every single word.

I’m a mouse user. I know one shortcut for LingQ…“X” =)

I’d learn more, but I do typically use the app, but do occasionally use the web, and I also tried to use the web more during the beta to provide feedback.

I get your wanting to add new meanings. I do it too. I’ve not bothered with adding articles (I’m also learning German) for the most part. I did early on, but to ftornay’s point, that really slows down the progress and I’m not sure honestly how helpful it is (it may be…it may not be). I think you will learn the articles with more exposure through reading and listening.

However, for verbs that might sometimes have a prefix and other times not…on the “not” ones, I’ll sometimes add a meaning for a certain prefix version and add the prefix in parentheses).

What I prefer to do, though, is see if someone has already done it. For German, there are lots of times others have already done what you’re trying to do (add articles, add new meanings). It might be easier to choose one of these instead of doing a new one for every word (I’m not sure how often you are doing this?).

It just may be inefficient. If you prefer to do it your way, that’s great! Only potential suggestions that might help. Hopefully, if you keep your workflow the LingQ team can tweak things a bit to help with it, but don’t dismiss ftornay’s suggestions out of hand (he’s had a lot of success here), and others who have had a lot of success here suggest similar things. If nothing else, just something to try and see if it works for you. You can always fall back to your strategy. I’ve found myself changing my flow in many ways as I found things that seem to work better, or things that don’t work as well, or feel like they slow me down (in all versions of Lingq).

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I enjoy maintaning my streak reviewing material rather than always having to plow ahead with new material.


In the top right of the video screen, there’s a minimize button that’ll put it in the corner of the screen.


Or you can expect to get what you are paying for and they company can get used to me not paying for it anymore. If the site were free I would not complain about their incompetence in rolling this out, but alas it is not. So as a customer I expect them to provide a service I want in a way I want it or I will find someone who will.

I personally will not pay for something I find to be “okay”.

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Also, I did some research on my playlist and apparently listening to full mini story can result in adding random amount of time listened.

For example I listened to the same story 3 times in a row to see how the (Android) app would count it.

1st x0.73 were added
2nd x0,61
3rd x0,80
It seems totally random, I don’t if the speed that I use can affect that, but it should not in my oipinion.

Ok. Is it possible to bring that number back down to an even number, or no? On the old system you could.
I have a bit of OCD and my method is studying is systematic. This is messing with that.

I’m using Brave on Linux and compared to the clunky 4.0, 5.0 is smoother than baby food.

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