LingQ 5.0 has been released for iOS and Android

Those of you on the iOS app have been using our 5.0 version for almost a month now and today our Android app is being rolled out to Android users. It is a gradual rollout so if you haven’t received the update for Android yet, it should come to you over the next few days.
For details on some of the updates in the new version, check out our blog post here Introducing LingQ 5.0 - LingQ Blog.
We are hopeful that web 5.0 will be released as well in the next week or so. Stay tuned!


This 5.0 is definitely way more useful. I’ve been using it on iPad Pro and it works very well. It’s a lot easier to study now or to find new content. And the playlists are finally very useful and I’ve already created a few.

I know there are still bugs here and there and a few things to clean up but It’s definitely an excellent foundation for the next updates and improvement. Thanks.


@mark Not sure how I missed this in testing, but on iOS when you are listening audio in a playlist in Hebrew and you open up the audio to see the transcript it’s aligned for ltr not for rtf. The actual lessons are aligned correctly, it’s only the audio transcripts that you access via the playlists on the app.

Is there a video showing how to use this version? It feels like almost a whole new layout than what was there before on my iPad.

Thanks we’ll take a look.

Hi Mark, first off I really like the new Android app, I think it looks really nice. (I would suggest users use the standard white look in the daytime because it is supposed to be actually better for your eyes, and then switch to dark mode at night).

So far there are a couple of improvements (some very minor) that I’d like to point out below:

-For highlighting phrases: overall it actually works much better than before, but it doesn’t seem to work if the phrase continues to the next line, unless I’m doing it wrong.
-The green status bar within the lesson doesn’t advance as I move through the lesson. It might be related to that old “ghost blue words” issue which has always existed on the android app.
-In the settings, the dark mode setting just says “Theme”. It should probably be changed to “Dark Mode” or something like that. I only figured out what that was by selecting it and seeing what happened.
-Overall, at first it was very laggy and only half the audio played for the words, but I downloaded an update this morning that I noticed was available and it is much better, about on par with the old app version. So any continued future updated to speed it up would be good.

Hi Mark. I’m not quite sure where to post feedback anymore, now that the dedicated beta threads are no longer. Anyway, here are a couple things I’ve noticed recently. Good luck managing the influx of feedback following the web v5 rollout!

  1. On iOS: If a phrase is LingQ’d, but a word within that phrase is still blue, it is impossible to know this without first selecting the phrase. This is the case regardless of which highlighting style is selected. When this happens, my lesson progress gets stuck at the hidden blue word, even if I’ve read many pages beyond this. This leads me to go hunting for blue words hidden within phrases, which is a waste of time. Can you please make blue words within LingQ’d phrases easier (or at least possible) to see? (On the web, this is not an issue.)
  2. Progress bar: on iOS, it’s green up to my current reading position. On the web, it’s a slightly darker gray up to my current reading position (compared to a lighter gray which marks the remainder of the lesson). Why the difference? I think I prefer the appearance on iOS. (I may have reported this previously; if so, apologies.)

For highlighting, you might be hitting the word limit. On the old app there was no limit, but there is now. You need to highlight in “phrases”. So if the phrase extends to a new line you should be able to do that. I generally work in sentence mode for this reason, especially now that it works for any length and formatting of the sentence (even if it is marked as a “sentence” and goes for two or more sentences). This used to be flaky on the old app, where sometimes something about the length and or formatting caused sentence mode to not always give a translation. This is a huge improvement on the new app for sentence mode, but a slight hit in full view mode.

For full view mode, I’ve mostly adjusted to it anyway. In some ways it helps to break things up in smaller chunks anyway for meaning.

@TommyT57 Glad to hear you like the update!

  • I tested phrases highlighting and I can’t see any problem there. Highlighting phrases works fine, even if phrase goes into the next line. If you still have issues with this, please take screen recording and send it to support(at)

  • Regarding the status bar, that also looks fine on my end. Do you have that problem in some specific lessons only? If so, can you please send lesson URL?

-I agree with your point on the Theme option in the settings, we will change that to “Dark Theme” instead.

We will continue improving the app!

Hi Jingei, on iOS, go to More tab, then Help. There are 7 help videos going over different functions of LingQ 5.0. If you feel there’s anything important lacking, please let me know.

Btw these videos were made on iphone.

We’ll see what we can do about figuring out a good way to show the status of words contained in a phrase. Behaviour on web and mobile is inconsistent.
If you have paging turns to known off, we can’t show your completed pages and the progress bar is grey on both sides of the handle until you complete the lesson. On web, the grey to the left of the handle is a darker grey. To see completeness status you need Paging moves to known on.

On the iOS lesson complete screen, the stats display tells me “X LingQs created” when really it means “X Coins earned”. If I swipe left twice on the stats display, it shows me coins earned, with the same number “X” displayed.

The way words within phrases are shown on the web is great; if this could be brought to iOS that would fix the issue.

The way progress is shown on iOS is great – I have paging turns to known off, and the progress bar is green up to the first blue word. If this could be brought to the web that would fix the issue.

Might be some reasons the above changes are impossible from a technical standpoint, but anyway just wanted to be clear what I was hoping for. Thanks.

yes, the iOS app has an update with those changes which should be coming very soon.

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On iOS, often the “you met your daily goal!” notifications come at odd times. For example, the notification just now came for me when I’d hit 437/400 coins. This was also an issue when LingQs, not coins, were the target.

Yes, it’s not perfect in timing. Something we’re working on.

Import Lesson issue on iPhone/iPad–the keyboard covers the text input field, can’t see what I’m typing, can’t paste. On iPad I can rotate and then it’s okay, but not one iPhone. Seems a small thing but several times now on my phone I’ve tried to copy/paste a text from a message on my phone and been unable to do so.

iPhone 8, OS 15.2.1

Hi not enjoying lingq 5 its slow and keeps freezing up. There I have said it. I was happy with the original system.

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Please share your device and os. Thanks.