LingQ 2.0 first impressions

I woke up to find the long anticipated LingQ 2.0! Looks great and after completing my first lesson with it, I’m impressed. I watched the intro video first to set the scene.

The new library layout is much better and I’ve discovered content that I didn’t know was there.

The best part for me is the reader. The new keyboard functions and side-by-side view are awesome. Well done! Much faster than even the old QuickLingQ, and now the word is highlighted in context so you can read along. Brilliant!

The timeline is a welcome addition. This and the tasks drop-down menu which shows more than just the ‘active lesson’ - this will make finding recent lessons easier.

The welcome page seems to succeed at putting every at your fingertips.

I noticed that now you can put the original content URL on the lessons. This looks like an interesting way to share material without sharing content. Still trying to work out where and to who these details appear and I’m a little uncertain on what is shared with who and when. Is “Public” is all members, or also non-LingQ users?

There’s a lot more to explore and get used to, but so far so good!

Congrats to the LingQ team, hope you have time to celebrate when the dust settles!

I was finally able to view the new site from my pc few minutes ago. I like it, even if the LingQ window is narrower than before, which forces me to scroll right to read the dictionary translations (just experienced this with the Larousse dictionary in French). It would be good if the window could be made wider or the dictionary text centered. Anyway, overall it’s a good job.


I agree. I think I pointed this out in another thread.

I’ve deleted my comment as it appeared to work this way only with yellow words. So, it’s probably logical in a way.

Keyboard shortcuts
← / → previous/next highlighted word
shift + ← / → switch between blue & yellow words
↑ / ↓ previous/next suggestion
enter select highlighted option
k word is known
x ignore/remove word

That’s fine… what’s about adding a “d” shortcut for Dictionary?

Actually, when I click on the pencil close to the Google translation, the window also appears on the Examples tab.

I loved this new layout, however I can’t find the lesson on the library.

We are experiencing some problems. I regret these problems very much and apologize. I personally, as well as our staff, used the new version for over 3 months on our testing server. We had a Beta group of users for over a month, and yet the real environment has created problems. I am confident that if you liked the old version, you will like the new version even better. However, we first have to resolve these problems, and deal with issues raised by our members.

It works very bad for me this lingq 2.0 in movil and pc
Is possible to join lingq the old way? or this change is irreversible?

@mikebond - We will make it so that the Dictionary tab is opened when you edit a LingQ.
@Brazilianpolyglot - What is giving you trouble in the Library? It should be much easier to find new lessons or to manage your lessons in the new layout.
@tichco - The change is irreversible but if you prefer to use lessons the old way, you can minimize the dashboard on the lesson page and you will see the blue and yellow popups the way they used to appear.

@keke-eo - Thanks! We’re glad you like it. A few rough edges to work out still but it will only get better and better. Thanks everyone for your patience!

I have the dashboard minimized, but when I introduce a translation to a new word, it apears and i have to minimize every time and its annoying.
I can´t find lessons i´ve imported, and i can´t list the lessons as before. It mixes the lessons being hard to find what i want. I have tried all the lists posibles.
Is posible to list the lessons by theme and without the ones i´ve arquived already?

@eugrus: I agree about the “d” shortcut, but it’s already possible to do that with the keyboard. What is not possible to do without a mouse is editing Google translations or existing hints. An “e” shortcut or something similar would be great! :slight_smile:

I would suggest that everyone uses Firefox for now. It is unusable on Chrome (for the Mac at least).

But LingQ guys, please don’t describe these issues as ‘a few rough edges’… on at least one major browser the product has become literally unusable (can’t play audio/see LingQs etc). I don’t want to get mad, but I could record a 30 minute video of me using the site in Chrome, and you guys would probably cry with how broken it is.

I love LingQ and will keep recommending it, and indeed keep paying the $10 a month, but the more I play with it on Chrome the more I’m a little stunned that this has happened :S

I’ll switch to Firefox and hope it’s just one issue that is affecting the site in a million and one ways.

As to shortcuts, it would be nice to have one for starting and pausing the audio player, as the button is now so small.

I prefer old school, now LingQ is lagging maybe my computer is too old, it has 4gigs of ram

I agree with eugrus, a keyboard shortcut for starting and stopping the audio would be great! Right now I’m having trouble transitioning to the new way of LingQing words, I’m changing my study method to compensate for the new interface. Once I’ve adjusted though I think I’m going to really like the new changes. Oh an the new library filters are really great! Keep up the good work LingQ dev team!

@lingqqqenglish There seem to be serious performance issues on both server and client sides :(((

We appreciate all the feedback. We’re looking into the speed. Things will eventually run much more quickly, we just ask for a little more time to get these issues taken care of.

@ozzeruk82 - The issues in Chrome seem to be affecting only certain users. A video like that would actually be much appreciated so we can better understand the issues that you’re having. Would you be able to open up the error console (Command+Option+J on a Mac) and reproduce the errors that you’re experiencing so we can see what might be happening? Thanks!