Lifetime access for existing members

How can existing LingQ members, who’ve originally signed up to LingQ via the Google Play store app get the lifetime deal and make sure they’re not charged again + keep all their LingQ data?

(For those who don’t know aobut the lifetime access deal, you can see it here: )


Is that just one language though.

Lifetime membership is sold per language. Even if you get Lifetime, you will still need to cancel Premium to avoid getting charged, since Premium and Lifetime are two different things, and purchasing Lifetime won’t cancel Premium automatically on your account.

I can’t find the lifetime membership on the app store. How to I take out a lifetime membership on the iPad (I don’t have a PC) and switch all my data from Premium to lifetime?

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Yes, the lifetime deal is only for one language.

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Zoran, if people switch to the lifetime membership, are they be able to keep all of their data on LingQ? What if they’ve used multiple languages? Would they still have all of the data? Also, if they only used one language previously on LingQ, would they be able to keep the data for that one langauge?

Also, if people got a subscription for LingQ on Google play, but they bought lifetime access on LingQ’s website, do they need to cancel their Google play subscription + cancel their premium subscription (if they have it) to get lifetime access to LingQ for one language on both the web and LingQ app? In addition, if they cancel their subscription on Google play, will they still have their LingQ data?

@First1000Hours Yes, if you switch from PREMIUM to LIFETIME all your data will be saved, in all study languages.
Lifetime membership can be purchased on website only at the moment, but of course, if you purchase it, you will have unlimited access for that language on both web and app version on your account.
Again, Premium and Lifetime are two different levels, since Premium cover all languages while Lifetime is sold per language, so if you prefer to stay on Lifetime only, you will need to cancel Premium manually, since Lifetime membership purchase won’t stop your Premium subscription automatically.

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@JBelly Lifetime can be bought on website version only at the moment (once you buy it, you will have lifetime for that language on app version too of course). You can get it here:

While this is a hot thread, I wanted to ask @Zoran if lifetime can be purchased for two or more languages? I have it for Swedish but let’s say I eventually want it for Icelandic, would that be doable?

@CarolinaViking Of course, you can get it for as many languages as you want.

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Thanks Zoran. I’ve just been very specific in my questions because I’ve told people about this offer which has generated interest. I’m assuming if people sign up to LingQ via Google Play, they have a premium LingQ membership, which is what would need to be cancelled so they could get lifetime access for 1 language + not be charged again, right?

Yes, wherever they have active Premium (web, Apple Store or Google Play), if they want to switch from Premium to Lifetime, they need to cancel Premium.

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I wouldn’t know about it if I didn’t see this thread. How come LingQ doesn’t show this in the payment options?

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Hi Zoran, many thanks for the help. Being a bit of a technophobe please excuse me - if I click onto your link above on my iPad it leads me to the payment details page.:

  1. If input my payment and pay the $199 will all my current info from my LingQ automatically be in there?
  2. Do I then just manually cancel my premium membership in my Ipad settings?
  3. Is this the best lifetime membership price - I don’t want to find an offer next month and I’ve paid full price now

I did warn you I’m not great with technology! Despite what my mind thinks, I’m no longer a teenager!!!

Many thanks

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Ok. Thanks Zoran!

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For now we only offer Lifetime as option during the downgrade flow. It’s not available on the Upgrade page.

@zoran. Please can you confirm I have successfully subscribed to the lifetime membership, that I can go ahead and cancel the premium membership and that I carry on as normal i.e. without losing any of my work. Many thanks

@JBelly Arabic Lifetime is active on your account, all good! You can cancel Premium anytime you want now.

@Zoran — I have purchased a 6-month package cost me around 71 EUR ending on Feburary 9. After that, if I would like to switch over to the lifetime deal for German(I am only interested in learning German at the moment) so I think I can do so easily?