Let's talk about courses

We need more courses. I would like to see courses in all languages.
Please post any questions or comments here.

I would too…but more specifically in Cantonese.

I would like to see the following practices in designing courses.

  1. The course description should be short - one line or one and half maximum.
  2. For Beginners and Intermediate I, for languages other than English, there should be an English description first, then followed by a description in the target language. These need to be short. Long descriptions in the target language discourage the lower level learners, in my view.
  3. Questions for writing and discussion topics need to be short. For Beginners they should be in English only (for languages other than English).

We are working on sorting the courses by learner level. We hope to have many courses and we want them easy for the learners to navigate.

Could you be more specific in how I as a “native speaker” of a target language could help?
Do you need something recorded in a target language ( with a taranscript)
and English description? That could be arranged .


Hi Steve,

OK, I would like to create a course, and I am sure I am making this more difficult than it is, but when I go to “Create a Course” this is what I see:

Language: English
Level: --------- No Knowledge Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2 Advanced 1 Advanced 2
Description: (a box)
Type: Individual

How do I fit all the info. so neatly in the description box? When I go to the courses page and view the details of other tutors’ courses, there appears a cute little pencil and cloud indicating the writing topic and the questions. How does this happen? Does it all just suddenly appear? Please enlighten me so I can create a course. We may have to talk on Skype if I still can’t figure it out. Sorry for the mental block!!!

OK, never mind my last post. I feel really dumb. I didn’t know that after you typed in the info. on the first page that you then were taken to a new page. I really do have a brain and feel quite embarrassed at my stupidity (for lack of a better word). Please don’t fire me! :slight_smile:


Hi Jillisa,

You figured it out before I could answer you but…yes, you do have to create the “course” first by filling out that info before you can fill in the lesson details. It’s one of those things that is obvious once you know but can be confusing otherwise!

I keep getting a server error when clicking on Save after entering the writing and discussion topics.

Are you available to talk on Skype briefly?

Because of the “Server Error” all the writing and discussion topics I wrote were erased even though I clicked on “Save.” Help!

I even changed my internet tool from Explorer to Yahoo to make sure that one wasn’t the problem, but both say “500-Server Error” when I click on Save for my writing and topic descriptions. Any explanation you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jillisa,

I am on Skype now if you still need help. I think you are most likely getting a server error because your lesson numbers are not the correct numbers. Please watch this video to see how to find the correct numbers.

Hi Mark,

I was able to view the YouTube video and understand where to find the lesson number, but I am still getting a server error. I am going to type you exactly what I am typing in for my first lesson: My lessons are found under the “Beginner II” heading under “Categores” on the left hand side of the Library page.
I click on “Beginner II” and then go to box 5 for the page that lists my first lesson LingQ “Have You Changed?” I hover over the blue-colored heading and down at the bottom on the gray tool bar, the #33994 appears. So I then go to my Course page and under Lesson 1 I type:

Content: Have You Changed? 33994 (I tried both ways using the number sign and not

Sorry, my previous reply posted before I finished…

Then I type for “Writing Topic”: Describe your physical changes since high school

Conversation Topic: Physical and emotional changes since high school

After entering that info. I click on Save and I still get a 500-Server Error. Am I wording the info. in the content box incorrectly? Should I type: “Beginner II: Have You Changed? #33994” ? Thanks for the help.

You just need to enter the 5 digit number in the Lesson field. If you enter any text, you will get an error.

Thanks Mark. I finally got that. Now, where does it ask you to put in your available times? I have the course description and lessons finished, but there is nothing to click on to create a schedule.

If you created an Individual course, you don’t input available times. Your available time is just grabbed from your calendar and displayed as soon as the course is published. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to see your own times in the Course List but that others will.

If you create a group course, you will see the Session creation area in the right sidebar. Creating a session creates 4 conversations.

I was confused because as you said, I can’t see my scheduled times on the course page. Thanks!

Just be careful. The system takes the first available time, and automatically shows you are available following three weeks. I tried to explain to you in the discussion, but I still can’t!! I will email your course schedule to you.

Thanks Emma for your email. Steve or Mark…How can my course schedule be fixed as it is showing available times through April?