Lessons formatting trickery

Dear Learners,

LingQ encourages us to import content we like and do learning without leaving the platform. I understand this approach and like the idea of LingQ being my main entry point to the language.


LingQ destroys the formatting of a content, often making it rather incomprehensible or less easy to read to say the least. Sometimes formatting is shown correctly on a portal and within the application, which means it is technically possible to apply formatting in a right way.

Below I attached the screenshots displaying the problem. First screenshot pictures me editing the lesson - the formatting is intact. Second one - the result. I think no additional comments are needed.

Zoran gave a good advice to use special markers, I appreciate his help and tried it. It works - set end-of-sentence marker to make sure next sentence is on a new line, but this is not what I was asking about.
It feels cumbersome and such actions are really unnecessary - they take from our time we could better spend on actually learning.

So my initial request stands - please fix the buggy editor. Creating and reading text material - is the core LingQ functionality after all!

  1. Editing the lesson the way it should be.

  2. The result.

I’m definitely not the first LingQ user who brings up this problem. I searched the forum and found several threads on this topic. No answer though!

Still there is a chance I just don’t get some trivial thing, if there is an easy way to make sure formatting of the text is kept - let me know immediately!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading this.


Have you tried with end sentence markers? That should solve your problem and fix the formatting.

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I use standard “CR LF” marker, isn’t that enough?
Anyway, thank you for the tip, I’ll check what those markers are and try them.

I solved this problem by marking the end of the sentence.

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