Latest iOS update: distracting italics [Resolved]

This is a pretty minor comment, but I am not a fan at all of the latest iOS app update in one particular way: it seems to display all translations in italics. I find that very distracting, it forces my focus away from the text and toward the translation. It may be something I’ll get used to, but I think that’ll only help to some extent. Italics simply do draw focus more than regular letters, that’s why they exist; they demand more mental effort to read.

I’d be glad if this change is reversed.


Agreed. I was not terribly impressed when I saw this yesterday.

Could you at least make it optional in the settings so that people can choose what they like? A bit more personalisation in the reader wouldn’t go amiss.


I agree, this was an incredibly odd and confusing change. It would be one thing if this were part of an app-wide redesign and made sense in context, but as it is, all it’s done is made the existing text harder to read. Really wish we could disable it.


I agree as well. I have just used my iPhone and it was really bad to see all definitions and also translations in italics.
This option should be used only randomly in text, same thing as bold. You don’t constantly have everything in bold text.

It was perfect before, there was no need to touch that.

I find it also much more difficult on my eyes, after watching a bunch of definitions in italics I was definitely more concerned on the increased focused effort that I had to keep.

Please, bring it back as regular or give the option in the settings.


Not a fan of making all the definitions italicized. Please change it back.


Thanks for your feedback, everyone. I’ll get in touch with our developers.


@zoran Thank you for bringing it back as before. Much appreciated.


No problem! Thanks for your feedback!