Language breakthough - fluent in 3 weeks!

Yes, you read it right. I have discovered a way to become fluent in only 3 weeks … from scratch!!

Sorry, LingQ will be no more…

(Hey, stop calling me a fraud, or else I will troll this forum!)

Pretty lame… lol

“Zane the Experimenter” seems not be impressed…

How dare him! I am going to troll his blog!

@edwin Are you selling some book with a detailed explanation of your method? How much it costs? I’ll undoubtedly buy it!!! And adios linqQ!!!

I just had a look at his blog. Apparently he is attempting to become proficient in French in one month (although I’m not sure if this ‘mission’ is over yet). There is one quote in particular that I like.

“I am not attempting to become fluent in French in just one month (far more experienced polyglots than me require at least 3 for a new language!)”.

That one is very nice indeed. hahahaha

@Rodrigo: may be I should start writing my e-book now.

But then I need to perform some “3-week stunts” first. Any good idea?

@peter: Note that the guy said “LEARN French in 1 month”…

“Goal: to become proficient in French in exactly 1 month (pass the B1 level exam)”, amongst other things.

I am not familiar with the CEFR scale. Doesn’t B1 kind of mean “threshold or pre-intermediate”? If so, is he redefining ‘proficient’?

Man! The guy is ahead of me!

In England ( I don’t know how the education system works in Canada), 15-16 year olds in secondary school get a GCSE, which is the equivalent to B1. From what I remember,you can understand the main points made in clear input. You can produce a simple, connected text on topics which are familiar to you and can also cope with most situations which arise when travelling in the country.

For comparison, B2 is where you act with a degree of spontaneity and fluency. You can have regular interaction with native speakers without either of you struggling. You can produce clear detailed texts.

I’ll check for a chart in a minute.

James, I studied in the UK in the past. I took GCSE French, Spanish, and Latin. I got a B for French, A for Spanish and Latin, and you know what? I couldn’t speak any of them in the end! I couldn’t understand any authentic content. I was no way near ‘proficient’.

But please, check the chart and confirm.

I don’t know how you even qualify “proficiency”, really. But a B1 level as defined by the CEFR doesn’t seem like a bad place to be for day-to-day activities, especially considering the last sentence: “Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.”

That said, that’s accomplishing a lot in one month. I’ve certainly not done that in a month with any of my target languages.


I’ve just looked in the front of my Teach Yourself Complete French book, and the same chart as hrhenry posted is printed there. The levels go like this:

TY Level 1 = A1
TY Level 2 = Foundation GCSE = A2
TY Level 3 = Higher GCSE = B1
TY Level 4 = A Level = B2

TY 5 + 6 correspond to C1 +C2, respectively.

Three weeks?

You people are so negative that you’re filled with negativity. It’s like a negativity swamp in here.

I become fluent in languages in THREE DAYS. All you have to do is think positively, and forget about boring grammar. Just TALK.

Clever post Edwin. I commented on your blog.

@summergold: You promote your method and I promote mine. I am going to insult you in my upcoming post and block you from my comment section. But let’s think positively! Let’s settle the disagreement and see if we can work together…

I don’t buy what summergold said. Too feel information about the method used to reach fluency in three days. I don’t believe someone can do it in such a short time.
Edwin’s fluent-in-3-weeks is the real deal. He even have A BLOG, which supports his theory. He could not be lying or misleading people in a blog.

Look! There is already too much discussion about my method! I can’t stand it! You guys are not listening! I am going to leave this “echo chamber” alone!

Hear me? I am leaving this forum!

Yes, I am leaving…

Ok, I am leaving soon…

Why am I still here??