Language breakthough - fluent in 3 weeks!

Dare I say… videos please!!

As for me, I don’t speak French fluently now although I have been studying it for more than 20 years.

@dooo: Videos? You think I am a “dancing monkey” or what?

Dancing monkeys can be fun and entertaining. See here for some Irish ones:

“I don’t believe someone can do it in such a short time.”

With such a negative attitude, of course you won’t succeed. I just buy a tourist phrasebook, learn the phrases in the first day, the second day I go out to the market and say the phrases to locals as I buy fruit from them. By the third day I am fluent. Locals mistake me for one of their own, and sing karaoke with me.

Anyone can do the same.


It was very lovely. lol

My favourite method is to say “only ever use your target language”, and then go on English forums, write blog posts in English, tweet in English, write on facebook in English, answer comments in English and hold webinars in English. Then, just to reach that ultimate goal of fluency, write an “e-guide” (not an ebook), think of a number between one and ten, add a few zeros on that number and sell it for that price.

Of course, all that English really helps you to learn.

It would, if you were learning English.

@Dooo: LOL … Cute monkeys! They made my day!

Okay, Everybody! HOLD ON!!!

I’ve actually taken the time to skim the article. basically, he redefines fluency as “being able to earn stuff in restoraunts” and then tells people to get phrasebooks and practice ordering stuff for a month.

By his definition, sure, no problem. Unfortunately, the rest of us, being language enthusiasts know that

flu·ent (flnt)
a. Able to express oneself readily and effortlessly: a fluent speaker; fluent in three languages.

Unfortunately the dictionary definition doesn’t include anything about ordering food :slight_smile:

being able to order***

Duh!… Everyone here should know that you could learn 29 languages in the amount of time it took to teach all of those monkeys to dance like that. I know this, because I have been called an aspiring dancing monkey before by someone who is an expert of what dancing monkeys are….

Hahahaha, nice blog Edwin :stuck_out_tongue:

Oui, bien sûr, je peux acheter quelque chose mais pour moi, “fluency”, c’est pas tout à fait ça. Quand j’écoute l’interview de quelqu’un à la télé ou à la radio, je me rends compte que mon français est tellement affreux car je ne peux pas m’exprimer librement.

Of course, I can but something but for me “fluent speaker”, it is someone who can speak with interviewers without any difficulty. For example, Fuyuan Ai a Japanese table tennis player is a fluent Chinese speaker.

I can not communicate with them in French on TV program, so I am not a fluent speaker.

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