Keyboard shortcuts you would like to have

Which Keyboard shortcuts would you like to use that aren’t available currently when using LingQ?

Show Translation shortcut would be the most useful for me.

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Right arrow key moves to next page.

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Since both of you have MasterLingQ i’ll just mention that both of these binds are already available.

Free version here


Yes… That works for some languages but I still can’t get most (or any) of the extensions to show up at all in Chinese Traditional, which is the one where I need this functionality – hence, no hotkey bindings. For the languages that work, I need to keep re-loading the extensions each time I open the browser… (which does only take a few seconds). I hope not to have to use Firefox Developer every time.

Sure would be nice if LingQ would just have the right arrow turns page. I keep forgetting and pressing the right arrow and then, oops, it moves to a yellow word and starts saying out loud some word from earlier on the page, and then since I’m not expecting that and hence not in the mindset to deal with that at the moment, and my first instinct is to press the arrow key again and again, … so it’s like the computer has gone crazy for a minute until I stop and think and remember, oh, right, I need to use the mouse.

Yeah, I’m kinda dumb that way. :confused:

Edited to add: I think I need to re-load. Not sure. It’s been a while.
Edited to add image.

Edited to add: @roosterburton Also, MasterLingQ Premium doesn’t show up on my screen in any of my languages (Spanish, Korean, Chinese Traditional).


I should say that actually if I re-load the extension pack (MasterLingQ) and refresh, in Chinese Traditional I see this inside of a lesson:

Edited to change “install” to “load”


A ShortCut to change the language for the popular meanings would be much appreciated. This would be very useful for users who use at least two languages other than their target language (e.g. English and their mother tongue). Swapping between those via mouse clicks is a pain and a short cut would be an easy fix. The LingQ should also benefit since such users could then more easily add and use meanings in various languages (other than English).

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2 Shortcuts to change the audio speed would be nice. One for faster, the other for slower.
So far we can only click to change the speed in one direction.
Not a major issue, as far as I am concerned, but it would be a nice improvement.

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1,2,3,4,K? Makes zero sense, it should be 5. It interrupts the flow of quickly reclassifying words when I’m constantly having to look down at my keyboard for the damn K-key, when it would be much more convenient to have it together with the other shortcuts.


You can move between pages by using Shift+Left/Right Arrow.

In addition I second the suggestions made by @lingqdude, @DaisyGwynne, @B.Oliver.

Generally any kind of interaction should have a shortcut that we can freely assign keys for.


How about Show Translation shortcut as T, not Shift-T?

I use the Show Translation shortcut all the time. A two-key combo is obviously more error-prone than a single key.

Every now and then instead of Shift I hit Caps-Lock, Ctrl or the Windows key. All three disrupt my flow as I have to do something to get out of whatever mode my mistype put me into.

According to the LingQ FAQ, the shortcut T is for “add a tag.” Tags were those little buttons next to the word in the Defintion panel. However, the tag buttons are gone and the T shortcut does nothing.

No loss. I never found any use for the Tag feature and never used the T shortcut.

So, how making T the shortcut for “Show Translation”? There is no reason not to.

Thanks for the walk-through

There was some earlier problems with support on Chinese Traditional. I’ll make sure that is working today. You can also permanent install on Chrome browser if you don’t want to use developer or reload the extension

edit: @WillowMeDown

It already loads for Chinese Traditional. I think you have a much earlier version installed. You can download the latest from the drive or from sendowl

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More two-key combos for no reason.

The standard keys for moving between pages are … wait for it … Page Up and Page Down.

Shift-right and shift-left! Good one! Thanks!
It works :slight_smile:


Page Up and Page Down - cool, but I tried those and they don’t work for me on Windows/Firefox. I don’t think they do anything, actually.

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@WillowMeDown Nope. Because LingQ did not program the standard UI keys to work.

Bad LingQ!

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I was loading from the most recent version. But somehow a previous version was interfering, even though it wasn’t showing up until I re-loaded the newest version. (Somewhat odd.) But when I went in and completely removed all of the extensions from my browser and then did a complete re-load, voilá. Now everything works as expected. :slight_smile: The Hotkeys extension even remembered that I had previously bound “next page” as right arrow, etc. (How did it remember?) Anyway, thanks for your help figuring this out.

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Great that it worked out. That problem with multiple versions happens sometimes when installing from file. It will be fixed when the upcoming automatic updates feature is enabled.

The extension saves your preferences in the browser so they will be different if you use Chrome, Firefox etc. You can use the export / import key-binds buttons to transfer your preferences across browsers.


“It will be fixed when the upcoming automatic updates feature is enabled.”

Looking forward to it!

Edited to add quote

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