Keyboard shortcuts flakey


I’ve found that if an arrow key stops working, if I press Shift and Arrow together, it will work.

Then eventually the arrow goes back to normal.

Let me ask a few questions:
@RowanSumner Do you mean the “Option/Alt + right arrow”, “Enter”, “Tab”, and “1,2,3,4” shortcuts in the Review Activities?
@jt23 Do you also mean shortcuts in the Review Activities, or in the Reader? What browser do you use?

Is this happening to you permanently or after some actions were done?

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The Reader, I believe. I only use Sentence View. With the Brave broswer.

I suspect there’s a pattern to it, though I haven’t noticed it yet.

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Confirming here that this is still a problem and only happens in sentence view. Keyboard shortcuts stop working when there is a lingq phrase selected by navigating to it using the arrow keys. I’ve been fixing it by refreshing the page but I’m going to try the method mentioned above.

Devs, if you want to try to reproduce the problem:

  • Be in sentence view, this has never happened to me the main reader mode.
  • Have a multi-word lingq in the sentence, 2 or more words as a grouping.
  • When you arrow into that grouping using the keyboard it usually breaks all keyboard shortcuts and you will have to refresh the page to get keyboard functionality back.

It seems random whether or not it will break, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. It must depend on some other factor, I thought it might have to do with different rankings (1-4, known) on the words being inside the phrase lingq or something like that… I’ve had the problem happen once, refreshed the page then arrowed to the same grouping of 2 words together and it didn’t break so something weird is going on for sure. This bug is constantly happening for me so it would be amazing if it can be fixed.

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Is there somewhere I can learn about the keyboard shortcuts? I didn’t know there was such a thing. Thanks.

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I’m just talking about the left/right arrow keys, A, S, X, K and Shift-T.

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it happended to me also. If Caps Lock is on then cannot use.

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I agree. I use Firefox Developer browser. Sometimes they work, more often than not they do. They come in very handy when they work. It often drives me back over to the iOS app for reading text.

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Looks like these are it: Are there Keyboard Shortcuts on LingQ?

I hope it helps!


True. Definitely check the CapsLock…

However, if CapsLock is off and the arrow keys still don’t work, I find that Shift-LeftArrow or Shift-RightArrow usually will restore the arrow key function.

Later the arrow key may return to normal. I don’t know why.

i see, i dont know either…

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