Keyboard shortcuts flakey

I joined LingQ about six weeks ago. I’ve always found the keyboard shortuts (1-4/k/x/->/<-) flakey. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t.

Currently the arrow keys work, but not 1-4/k/x.

Brave browser / Windows 10


Similar, firefox.
K seems particularly flakey. I put up another post. It seems to matter if the 1234 selection comes up and that’s random.

Thanks for reporting. We will investigate the issue.

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Similar problems here on both brave browser and firefox. I noticed with firefox that if I use the arrows to navigate to a word that has been saved in a sentence with 2 or more words grouped together it will completely disable the keyboard functionality once it hits that sentence. I have to exit the lesson and reload it to restore keyboard functionality.

Not sure if this is the right place to suggest features but it would be amazing if you could change the keyboard bindings to anything you want for the available keyboard shortcuts. I have ideas for how I would set up my own configuration and it would be awesome to have that flexibility.


All of these glitches apply to Google Chrome on my end here as well, just to note (Windows 10 user). Apparently this is an issue across all browsers.

Totally agree with the suggestion offered by mhast. Efficiency would increase considerably, I would say.

broken in safari at the moment too. Arrows work but k, x, and numbers don’t

I have similar issues with Firefox and Chrome. One very specific one on Chrome is that for new new words, X and K don’t work at all, but I can manually select Known or Trash from the lower-right corner.

A macro of [enter,delay,left,delay,right,k] can do what k should do. Not ideal but it’s working better for me.

FWIW, if the Vocabulary pane is showing on the right side, the keyboard shortcuts (1-4/k/x) work in Sentence View.

Brave browser / Window 10

Glad to see someone reported this already.
I’m quite fond of the shortcuts, I have them macroed in my mouse, it allows me to freely, swiflty and efortlessly sort out every new word whilst enjoying the books I read without thinking of it as ‘studying’.
It’s been so anoying not having them work properly as it hinders the flow of reading and takes me out of the immersion.

I’ve found that almost everything works (open prefered dictionary ‘F’, enter, numbers ‘1-4’, ← → arrows, etc) except ‘K’ which only works with yellow words when the status is showing and ‘X’ which doesn’t work at all.

I believe everything was working fine about 4 days ago.
I’m using Chrome/W11, I also tested with Opera, same problem.
Hoping it gets fix soon.

This morning I can’t get any of the keyboard shortcuts to work. This sure smells like too many flags interfering with each other in the code. Fix one thing; break another.

I do most of my LingQ sessions with shortcuts too.

No one seems to be commenting anymore, but this is still an issue. Safari on Mac

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Agreed. seems to work better with the side panel open. It is much better than it was a couple weeks ago though

We pushed some updates and fixes regarding this. But still looking into user reports and try to make further improvements. Should work much better soon!


The only issue that still persists here on Google Chrome for Windows 10 seems to be that using the keyboard arrows to navigate to a word which has been saved in a sentence with two or more words grouped together causes the keyboard to lose its functionality completely, forcing me to refresh the page to make it work properly again. Quite time-consuming and distracting.

It is, indeed, much better than two or three weeks ago, though, as Robert pointed out.

K now works for me. Great, thanks.
Firefox, desktop, PC.

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Wanted to 1+ this issue, still super flakey for me on MacOS Chrome and Firefox. I’ve noticed sometimes it’s when I arrow onto a LingQ composed of multiple words. Idk, I could be mistaken.

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Again today I’ve had to refresh the page ≈3 times while reading for about 15 minutes. It’s definitely when encountering LingQs composed of other LingQs. Please look into this bug, as someone who pretty much only uses the keyboard shortcuts for LingQ’ing it makes the site very irritating to use.

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I asked our team to look into this again, thanks for reporting.

I am unable to use any keyboard shortcuts when reviewing vocab using Brave or Chrome. Has anyone found a fix or a way around this issue?

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