Join our Language Gathering Panel with Steve (March 30th)

The LingQ team would like to thank everyone who participated in Monday’s live stream. For those who missed it, you can watch it here: LingQ Language Gathering - YouTube

Join our next Language Gathering Panel with Steve on Monday, March 30th at 4:00PM Pacific. Steve Kaufmann will be hosting a guest panel of LingQ members. Let us know if you would like to join the panel and share how you use LingQ. We will pick 3 or 4 of you but everyone will of course still be able to watch and comment.

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Thanks to Clara, Robert and Francisco for their outstanding presentations. To the rest of you who applied to present, we hope to get to more of you in the future… If you missed the presentations, you can watch the replay here: LingQ Gathering #2 - Let's Hear From You - YouTube.

Hopefully, we can get Clara, Robert and Francisco to share any links they mentioned here in the forum and if any of you have other links to share, please do so as well.


Hi Mark! Thanks again for giving me this opportunity. As far as korean is concerned, I actually keep a record (in a form of a notes file) of all the interesting resources I find on the internet. Maybe I could share a link to that, so that people can be up to date when I find new stuff.


That would be great! I’m sure our Korean learners would love that.

Hi Clara! I’m not learning Korean, but that website you showed (Zero to Hero) had a lot of languages on it. I’m learning Italian currently, but when I tried to search (with an Italian word), I just got hits in English, I actually got better hits searching directly in YouTube and filtering for captions. I’m wondering if you need to set it up somehow? Korean search seemed to produce actual Korean hits though…

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Big thanks to all of the panelists, all of you were very supportive. It was a great opportunity.
Well, here are some links that will, hopefully, facilitate your language learning endeavour:

For English learners:

Book resources:

Youtube channels:

HappyConsoleGamer - YouTube (if you are into videogames)
alpha m. - YouTube (very funny guy)

Emperors of ROME
Philosophize this!
The Partial historians

I don’t have the links, sorry. Stilll, I am sure you can find them just as easily.


Hi! As I said, I haven’t used that website for other languages, but I’ll try using it today for Italian and figure out what the problem might be.

So I’ve tried playing with it for a bit, and I understand what you’re talking about. I also happen to find English videos while looking for korean stuff (English always gets in the way because of the way YouTube tags are made…)

However, with the word “viaggio” I was able to find this video on the reader (not the best kind of video, but just to get the gist): Puglia: le più belle spiagge del Salento! - YouTube (I saved a screenshot of it but unfortunately it doesn’t let me paste it in here. If you want I’ll put it in your profile wall).

I’m planning on posting an in-depth guide on how to use this website, though, so don’t worry.

As I said in the gathering, I recommend using this website when you start creating your “personal language learning YouTube feed” (a concept I’ll explain together with the guide), to get you started with a base. From then, I advice you use the correlated videos to expand your list.

Maybe it would be better if I just made a video guide on it, I don’t know.

Hope that was helpful!

Thanks to those that participated (all of you), it was two o’clock at night in Finland when it started but it was still worth it.


It was 4 AM here, I felt groggy as hell. xD

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Thanks! I didn’t mean you need to go and try to figure it out :slight_smile: I was just wondering if there’s a setting I’m missing. I think it just might be that there are less videos in Italian with subtitles that are not autogenerated. However, your talk gave me more ideas. I haven’t used youtube a lot, I think I tend to lose myself in the rabbithole in the searching phase… But I might start with the whole import to LingQ option. Probably still concentrating more on texts :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it’s good to live in California, where this was during the day :slight_smile: I’m from Finland originally, so I feel your pain…

That’s great! Everyone has their own learning preferences (I’m not a huge podcast listener for example), but I’m glad I could spark a bit of interest in learning through Youtube. Give it a try!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! It was great to get to meet Clara and Robert and to chat with Mark and Steve. Both the previous gathering and this one have been incredibly informative. For example, I have begun importing anime videos from Animelon as suggested by Eric

I think the only link I mentioned was the online Russian library litres:

Also, I would be very interested in any links Steve (or others) would have for Persian. I’m still learning how to read and with the different alphabet I’m finding it difficult to search for stuff. Or maybe this exists somewhere, but I haven’t found it. And I mean now native content, not so much online courses and stuff, I’ve found those :slight_smile:

Litres is a great resource. Ftornay, and many other enthusiastic participants on this forum, I would love to see you take part in one of these, maybe next week.

Wow, Robert that’s an exhaustive list. Very impressed with your English during our discussion. Good luck to you and all your language learning.

Clara, thank you for coming on the panel discussion. The range of your languages is very impressive. I wish I had known some of the things you showed when I was struggling with Korean, especially struggling to find good content. When I go back to Korean now I know where to get some captivating content.

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Anything I found for Persian is in LingQ, except for Persian Online… I probably shared a few things that I shouldn’t have shared like Radio Farda. It is like Radio Free Europe so I assume they don’t mind. We also got permission from a Podcaster to put up his series called BPlus, summaries in Persian of best seller self-help books, which is transcribed by a collaborator in Iran… However the best stuff we have is “the Iranians” in which various people in Iran talk about themselves, as well as the history of Iran put together by our collaborator Sahra. Unfortunately we don’t have text to speech for Persian but I go through the content in settings mode trying as best I can to match the audio.

Aha, ftornay is Francisco. I should have realized given the consistently sensible comments that I have seen from ftornay. Encantado!

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