Join me in a hangout on google +

You’re more than welcome Jeff.

I hope to do this regularly. I want to focus on different aspects of LingQ 2.0 . I would like to do them in different languages and in time slots that suit different areas like, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Western Europe as well as other locations. So let me know if you are interested in participating and in what language and time zone. You can tell me here, or post on the LingQ page at google+

On the subject of technical problems. I hope Jolien fixes her technical issues. I also have one and wonder if anyone has advice. My sound seems a little harsh. Helen, I think, even mentioned this during our discussion. I have noticed this before in webcam interviews that I have done. Is it because I am hosting the discussion?

I don’t think it is my microphone because my regular youtube monologues don’t have this harshness. Any ideas?

I have just contacted Hans-Peter for a test-hangout, so that we can examine my audio problems. I will be very happy, if we can get these problems solved. Let’s wait and see…

And yes, my operating system is Windows Vista.


All participants should probably mute their mics when they’re not talking or don’t anticipate talking. That’ll help with overall sound quality

I’m up for more hangouts in French, German and Russian. I can be available most times that Europeans and Russians can.


We used a test hangout first without live broadcast and later with live broadcast. During this hangout test I tried out the installations (Dutch: instellingen) especially those of the audio and saw that my audio installation was on “loudspeaker” and not on “headphones”, so I changed that to “headphones” because I always use a headset on Skype and during such hangouts. The audio function was perfect, I could always hear Hans-Peter speaking, even when he switched on the live-streaming (“live on air”).

So my test result is positive and I am now ready to take part in future of Steve’s group discussion hangouts.

So my special thanks to Hans-Peter for offering me this technical test! :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,

I haven’t quite figured out the Google+ Hangout, but I enjoyed listening to the Spanish and French Hangouts today. I was surprised that I understood more Spanish than French even though I haven’t studied Spanish in over two years. French is a very difficult language for me to speak and understand. I’ve given up on French several times, but I keep coming back to it because I like the language.

I am interested in participating in future Hangouts. I wasn’t sure where to post on the LingQ Hangout page so I am posting here.

My only problem was getting disconnected several times. I posted another comment about this earlier today.

Thank you for hosting the Hangouts.

Thanks for joining us. I have no idea what causes these technical problems. Sorry I can’t help you.

Can we see this (and the German one) on YouTube ?

Yes all but the Italian and Japanese one are available at the lingosteve youtube channel.

Here’s the German one:


Steve: Thanks so much for the response. It’s probably a Google+ problem, and something I can live with. It isn’t that difficult to reconnect.

Thanks for the German link.

I had only one disconnect in 4 hangouts. I don’t know what causes them, maybe local traffic spikes.

One technical problem I had in the first couple of hangouts was that I was watching the live feed of the hangout (in a covered-over window) while participating in the hangout, which caused echo and chewed up bandwidth until I figured it out and closed all browser windows except the hangout one.

Another problem is that if you don’t have a headset, your microphone can easily pick up background noise. Then Google + thinks you’re speaking and puts you on the main screen. You can always mute your microphone when you’re not speaking.

I’d be interested in any Russian hangout that takes place… How do I take part ?

melde Dich bei google+ an.
und “befreunde” Dich mit “LingQ”
dann wird Dir Steve eine Einladung senden.


I should also have announced the hangouts on the various language forums here at LingQ. I am sorry. We just finished our Russian language Hangout and it is visible at my youtube channel. (lingosteve)

Please go to the LingQ page at google+ and follow us, and you will be advised of future hangouts and invited to them, as jolanda has kindly commented here.

The next and last in the present series will be tomorrow in Portuguese. Check it out at google+.Please come and take part. We are sorting out the technical problems and advantages and disadvantages. It is a tool that our members could also use to talk to each other in various, and possibly even to help newcomers understand why and how to use LingQ.

Yes, I didn’t know this was happening. Anyhow, I’ve added linkQ to my google+ , and await the next round of these.

Watching the first one on youtube right now : )