Japanese Beginner Content - some remarks


  1. The fuginana is often wrong, see above. わたくしis written, but わたし is being said. The same above 六, むっ is written, but ろくis being said.
  2. The audio quality of the mini stories is very bad.
  3. The sentences and verb forms are not suitable for beginners, it’s more suitable for intermediate or even advanced students. Some words are rarely used.

It seems to me that LingQ is more a reading tool for advanced students.
For beginners the above points makes learning Japanese very confusing.
Furigana and audio should be correct and the same.

I also ask myself why going to the next page makes all words “known”. Even if I switch off this setting, all words are known after going beyond the end of a lesson. Why?
But maybe I am just too stupid to understand the philosophy behind this system.

If you have the “Paging moves to known” option disabled, it won’t move words to known automatically when you switch pages. However, if you complete a lesson, all remaining blue words will switch to known.

Regarding the furigana, we are doing our best to have it improved as much as possible and that is something we are looking into.