[Japanese] Audio wrong, word splitting wrong

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六つ (Hiragana: むっつ) is one word, but LingQ splits it into two.
The furigana is correct here, but the automatic audio says: rokutsu, which is wrong.

For beginners of Japanese, such mistakes should not occur.

See also my post Japanese Beginner Content - some remarks

The same applies to Chinese audio, the word splitting of Chinese, and the Pinyin above Hanzi. They are often also wrong.

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I observe this every day on LingQ.

What I’ve recently wondered…

  • When did this last work?

  • Has it ever worked?

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Ditto. For many lessons there is an accompanying audio which helps clarify. And sometimes someone has LingQ’d the word or word grouping before I get to it, and has made helpful comments. Otherwise, it’s off I go to various dictionaries - and forvo (but forvo is a work in progress) - to double-check the pronunciation, word groupings, and definitions before committing new words to memory. (Luckily I have access to a native speaker who is always happy to help… but not everyone does.) The good news is that once you create a LingQ for a word, it should be there for you (and for the next person) when needed.

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Good luck, they won’t help you at all. We are asking for a correction of the translation since many month without any succes.
And yes, the furigana are false, but not just that, it’s false around 10-20% of the time, so take care when you do your review.

In fact, use Yomichan to look up the Kanji you don’t know instead of enable the furigana.
Don’t look up at the translation given by the app, use the google translation in the popup.

For the beginner, it’s just a nightmare. Don’t forget to leave a comment on google play / app store just to help them to be more active on the issue resolution.

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