I've done it!

I’ve started a blog again! You might be relieved, since it might stop me from over-posting on here :slight_smile:

Am so excited. It is mostly about writing (to which I came thanks to LingQ). Have a look into the “More about this blog page” where I tell the LingQ bit. I hope you like it.



Thank you, SanneT.

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I do most of my reading in foreign languages but your blog has so intrigued me that I will follow you in English! Congratulations on starting what is shaping up to be one of those rarities, an interesting blog.


Thank you so much! I was shaking for hours yesterday afternoon once it was time to press the button …

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I admire people who write as you do. Unfortunately I can’t but I will certainly read the next chapters of your blog. (or do I have to say your novel?)

That sounds like the beginning of a very interesting life-story. So was your father really in the “SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”? (I bet he was getting some serious stick from teenage children by the mid 60s!!)

I’ll combine my replies as not to generate too many emails:

Thank you for the roses!

@Cosmo678 : Blog will do nicely!

@Prinz_Jogi : Yes, he was. I don’t want to burden you with my teenage angst just yet, that bit will go into another set of stories. They are written already, but will have to wait until I have grown up dysfunctionally.

The next story will be more of a scene-setter, less exciting perhaps, but necessary.

Excellent! I can’t wait to read more.

Plus you have the domain .eu when you are living in England. This will annoy Jay!

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[East coast: nice = wonderful, great, excellent, beautiful, awesome,…]

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Congratulations Sanne! ;)))

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Well, seeing that it was you who made it possible: Thank you and Congratulations, Berta!

You made it possible! I’m just a tool :slight_smile: :***

Congratulations Sanne and I’ve finally found out your nationality. All I knew about you was that you were not a native English speaker which I never would have thought from reading your posts on Lingq ! When will you be posting again ? I am eager to know more !

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Thank you for the comment and the rose! Am on heavy grandmother duty at the moment. Hope to have something ready for Thursday. The stories are shaping themselves as I re-read them. It is fascinating.

We have argued about this before! Without you I would not have had followed up my vague idea of having a blog and without you I wouldn’t have that amazing design! So it is a win-win situation, I’d say :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right! it’s a win-win situation ;)*

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Oh my goodness, this is the makings of a novel that I’d love to read!!! It’s so wonderful! Never knew you were such a gifted writer. Serious!

Btw, my relatives told me years ago that one of ours was an SS guard in a concentration camp:(

I laughed about the “down there”! I can still hear my grandmother’s voice… she’d say “front passage” with a hoarse voice, almost spitting the words out. I’m sure she would have passed out if someone said vagina, lol.

I think the older British still secretly hate the Germans… my first husband & his British relatives used to poke fun at my “high, Kraut German forehead”, as well as my German maiden name - even though I’m at least 7th generation Australian. Sheesh. But then again, they’d sit around horrifying me with their talk about “white people” and “half-castes” etc at the dinner-table. (Disgusting racism!)

You really know how to paint a picture with your words! Congratulations, Sanne, because your blog is a winner!

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What is the form? I have written a bit more. Do you mind if I updated this thread once a week or so? (I should hate to be accused of advertising :))

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Please feel free to post when you have updates :slight_smile: