It's honestly very annoying and inconvenient to have to scroll to see the multiple dictionary entries that you saved, I wish I could go back to v4

It’s honestly very annoying and inconvenient to have to scroll to see the multiple dictionary entries that you saved, I wish I could go back to v4


I totally agree!


I hear you. I just updated and now it’s telling me i need 50 lingqs to reach my goal and it was 13 before today. I’m going to lose my streak (I know it means nothing) and I don’t know where to change it.

@Wiljam64 You don’t need 50 LingQs, you actually need 50 Coins. New streak system is based on Coins. Won’t be that hard to earn 50. Give it a try. :slight_smile:


Ok I do like this coin system I think better, because it takes in to account the words you know and not what you don’t. Yes much better. Sometimes it was tough to find 13 words or phrases you didn’t know.


Coins are earned for creating LingQs, increasing word status and moving words to known along with by listening and reading.

Can you explain what you mean by having to scroll to see multiple dictionary entries?

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I know what you mean, beatriz8. I use multiple languages to translate my LingQs, and there used to be a very convenient flag sign next to each dictionary within my list. Now there is no way of knowing which dictionary corresponds to what language, unless you click on it and a new window appears. I absolutely hate it, I really can’t understand how they missed this.


I want v4 back

When one clicks on a yellow word it recommends the popular/community translation. But if this is a more uncommon word or one doesn’t like the translation. Then one has to click an extra time to see the dictionaries and can only see (2 of them) because the window is rather small. Also if one wants to move the status of a known word one has to click the word then click the yellow number to drop the menu down then click the desired number to set it to what they want (3 clicks in total) versus 4.0’s (2 clicks) the 1, 2, 3, 4, check mark menu automatically pops up when one clicks on a yellow word. so translations and moving the status of words take 3 clicks versus the original 2 when comparing lingq 5.0 to 4.0. I don’t know how hard this would be to fix but making the 1, 2, 3, 4, check mark and the dictionaries all popup in the pop up menu when one clicks on a yellow word. Let me know if you have any questions etc.


That problem doesn’t happen to me. When I click on a known or yellow word, I see the 1,2,3,4,check mark options in the sidebar without any extra clicks or scrolling. I tried resizing my window small and still it works fine for me. Maybe some issue with your browser?

While I very much like the idea, I don’t seem to be able to increase that number? 13 new words in French took me 45 minutes at times, but 50 coins is way too easy, even in texts with hardly any new words. Can you change that number?

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The window is so small that it only shows one saved meaning whereas before when I clicked on a word I could see all the meanings I had saved without having to scroll which was way more convinient to learn, because over time with only one click I would internalize all the meanings of a certain word, now, to do that I would have to waste time scrolling which is very annoying


you are right its a hover to activate but that’s a .15 second delay every time I want to adjust word known status. Initially it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it def adds up. I miss the numbers already being there like 4.0 no hover/no click. Same thing with dictionaries, notes etc. the extra space it would take up is not a big deal for the efficiency trade off.


What do you mean by hover to activate? I just click on a word or use arrow keys to navigate to a word, and the 1,2,3,4,check mark are displayed in the sidebar in the same way as Lingq 4.0 - I don’t need to move my mouse to hover over anything or do any clicking.

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is this on web? because i click on a word that is yellow and i have to click twice to get access to a dictionary. (this is for existing lingqs that im editting) but its also kind of a pain on completely new lingqs to acess dictionaries, notes, adjust word status should all be shown

Yes, web. The dictionaries are also hidden behind a dropdown for me, but the 1,2,3,4,check mark options are immediately visible along with notes.

I think maybe you have closed the sidebar. Try clicking on the < symbol in the top right (it will change to > and the sidebar appears instead of being floating). [edit: Even with the floating sidebar once I click the expand button for the first word, it displays the info and keeps that setting when I move to other words).

Thanks, good catch. We’ll work on that.

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Did you guys get rid of the store? I know it was useless but still fun sometimes. Or a way to see how many coins you have?

If you are on the Library page, go to Settings, then General, then change your Goal.

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