Is it possible to convert points to money?

Hi, guys, I was out of LingQ for a few years now (lol) . And now I’ve just discovered I’ve got an interesting amount of points for lessons I shared long ago e some recent referrals. Is it possible to convert those points into money via paypal? Or into a premium subscription, maybe?

When you reach minimum 10.000 points on your account, you can request a cash out on your PayPal. Just email us on support(at) and cash out will be taken care of during the same week.

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Here I am, back again to this. Could I turn my points into a premium subscription for a month (that’s all I have points for at the moment)
I’d like to use this month to upload more native Brazilian Portuguese content. As far as I know, I can’t share any additional lessons as a free user, am I right?

Sure Ana, you are Premium now. :slight_smile:

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Wow, that was fast! I was not ready for that, but thanks anyway.

Just so you know, you can always share copyright-free lessons on LingQ without a premium subscription. The premium subscription is for you to create LingQs in the languages you are learning. If you want to earn points (which you accumulate over months) you can always share lessons (you can upload anything you create yourself or anything you find on the Internat that DOES NOT have copyright issues - if the owner has given permission, you are set to go!

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How do I convert points into (additional months of) premium subscription?
I just noticed that over the years, thousands of my points expired… :frowning: but I still have 2399 at the moment. is there any way to convert?

1 month of LingQ Premium costs $12.99 (or 1299 points). You can use points for Premium subscription. Once you have enough points to do that, you can contact me on support(at) and I’ll take care of it for you.


Oh, I didn’t know that one! I tried a few months ago but couldn’t upload new lessons… Thanks for the info, Maria!

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hello zoran how are you? i have 83k can i do that? can u help me ? thank u ^^

@lorozcogipsy You actually have no points on your account. Please note that POINTS and COINS are two different things.


That’s interesting, I wonder why.

Do you think you were uploading them as private lessons? You need to be a premium member to import private lessons. You are using them for yourself to learn and they are presumably under copyright.

On the other hand, anyone can upload shared lessons without a subscription. In this case you are helping learners. The idea is to earn points you can convert to money or to use on LingQ. For example, you can use your earned points for conversations with tutors, correction of written texts or also for a premium subscriptions.

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Maybe you are right: I guess I tried to import them as private lessons… that, of course, was not my goal… at least in Portuguese! lol
I’m using my “private lesson” rights I got for this month to bring some French materials into my account.
Then I’ll create some new lessons of my own making to the Portuguese section…

Is it still posible?

It is still possible, yes.

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Can you turn me Premium ?
I have points

hello) Im new here. can you please explain me what are coins for and how to get points and what are they needed for)

@leandroalemao Sure, you are Premium now.

@o.lemon In short, points are used for tutoring services on the site. You can use your points to speak with tutors or to have your writing corrected. Check which tutors have time available in his calendar on the Tutors page. Each tutor also has a pricing set for conversations (per hour) and writing corrections (per word).

Learn more about points on the Points Help page: Points FAQ

You can purchase points directly from the Points page (Login - LingQ).

You earn Coins, on the other hand for your activity on the site. Coins are used for repairing your streak in case it gets broken.

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thank you)